Ionic Security Democratizes Access to Machine-Scale Data Protection

Ionic Security, the leader in machine-scale data protection, today announced a free and easy onramp for developers to begin using Machina™, the only enterprise-class data protection engine that creates a system of record for defining, digitizing, and enforcing granular data access policy across diverse applications, resources, identities, and workloads.

“It has taken many years of working with some of the most highly-regulated global businesses and government agencies to quantify the problem and develop such a scalable solution,” said Adam Ghetti, founder and chief evangelist of Ionic. “We are grateful for their partnership. We are also thrilled to put the same capabilities into the hands of developers everywhere who are facing the same challenge of handling sensitive data responsibly.”

Data security gridlock is the fundamental challenge that Machina solves. In today’s world, data security is managed in silos, but sensitive data exists and travels continuously across them. Application development, security, and risk teams are quickly overwhelmed by the enterprise-scale complexity of defining and enforcing consistent data access policies. Market trends like rapidly changing privacy regulations and cloud migration mandates merely exacerbate the problem. The resulting gridlock results in stalled digital transformation initiatives, stagnant application pipelines, and skyrocketing risks of breaches and regulatory exposure.

Machina breaks through data security gridlock by establishing a new enterprise standard in secure coding: a consistent, logical service layer to consolidate siloed data access policy, just-in-time policy enforcement, encryption key management, and holistic access visibility.

Unique to the market, Machina offers contextual, attribute-based, policy decisioning built on top of a massively scalable encryption key management service with real-time visibility–through a built-in console or SIEM–into how users are accessing sensitive data. A robust set of developer tools (SDKs, CLIs, connectors, and APIs) provide easy-to-use integration between Machina data protection services and their diverse applications, enabled with only a few lines of code.

“We are giving everyone access to world-class, machine-scale data protection and privacy,” said Bill LeBlanc, chief technology officer of Ionic. “Organizations and individual developers can start for free, then scale their investment as usage grows in their environments. The ability to externalize data access controls and reporting from application code enables an organization to be agile and scale. The data protection problem is complex, but solving it with Machina is easy.”

Scale the protection of sensitive data: Get started today or contact Ionic to learn more.

About Ionic Security
Ionic enables global businesses and government agencies to accelerate innovation by driving data protection across their organization, regardless of where they are in their journey to the cloud. Ionic Machina is the only enterprise-class data protection engine that delivers real-time data policy enforcement against a rich set of identity and data attributes backed by machine-scale key management, creating a system of record for unified and consistent execution.

With over 2M licensed users in Fortune 100 companies and government agencies, the unique ecosystem relationships of Ionic dramatically accelerate cloud migration and multi-cloud deployments, creating value for enterprises in driving their overall security strategy. Learn more at, or connect on LinkedIn or Twitter.