IRONSCALES Secures Spot as Integrated Cloud Email Security Vendor in Prestigious Gartner Market Guide

This year’s Gartner Market Guide for Email Security includes IRONSCALES, the fastest growing email security provider in the world. Gartner selected its list of vendors based on innovative security capabilities, forward-looking product strategies and Gartner’s clients’ interest in the respective vendors.

As the adoption of cloud email systems and the number of harmful phishing attacks continue to rise, Gartner’s guidelines provide helpful recommendations for organizations to consider when selecting solutions for security and risk management.

Gartner launched a new category this year – Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES), which refers to solutions that use API access to the cloud email provider to analyze email content without the need to change the Mail Exchange (MX) record.

According to the report, “Integrated solutions go beyond simply blocking known bad content and provide in-line prompts to users that can help reinforce security awareness training, as well as providing detection of compromised internal accounts.”

Increasingly, the combination of the cloud email providers’ native capabilities and an ICES is replacing the traditional Secure Email Gateway (SEG).

“The rise in phishing attacks is placing added burdens on IT teams and signals a greater need for integrated solutions than ever before,” said Eyal Benishti, founder and CEO of IRONSCALES. “We remain committed to our mission of providing an efficient and effective way for organizations to combat phishing attacks and train employees to be part of the security solution.”

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IRONSCALES is a best-in-class email security company focused on fighting back against today’s modern phishing attacks. Our self-learning, AI-driven platform continuously detects and remediates advanced threats like Business Email Compromise (BEC), credential harvesting, Account Takeover (ATO) and more. Our powerfully simple email security solution is fast to deploy, easy to manage and keeps our customers safe. Founded in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2014 by alumni of the Israel Defense Force’s elite Intelligence Technology unit. IRONSCALES is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. We are proud to support thousands of customers globally with our award-winning, analyst-recognized platform. Visit to learn more.

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