ISE Media Announces Development Support Collaboration with MouseBelt

Isegoria announces its newest collaboration with blockchain accelerator service MouseBelt. MouseBelt, with a robust team featuring several dozen blockchain developers, will be overseeing Isegoria’s first phase of development of their ISE Media platform, which is now in progress.

“In launching a platform with such a large scope, we have been so fortunate to work with talented and highly skilled individuals and groups while launching Isegoria and ISE Media. With their impressive background and dedication to expanding the use of blockchain technology, I’m thrilled to have MouseBelt joining us in this momentous first phase of developing the ISE Media platform,” said Ben Swann, CEO and founder of Isegoria.

“Blockchain technology provides the tools to transcend us from web2.0 to web3.0. It’s time we take back control of our digital data and identities,” said Adam Leon, MouseBelt’s head of partnerships. “We are excited to help develop the infrastructure of our future. Working alongside Isegoria allows us to make a global impact by providing an amazing platform driving decentralization further.”

The Isegoria team is thrilled to have MouseBelt’s active participation in ISE Media’s exciting first development phase, which will provide a website redesign and multiple new features for both ISE Media creators and users of the platform.

About Mousebelt:

MouseBelt is the first full-service blockchain accelerator in the world that goes beyond cash investments. MouseBelt offers hands-on support for emerging leaders in the industry.

MouseBelt is an ecosystem promoting blockchain innovation through:

Investment – MouseBelt accelerator supports early-stage companies with capital and in-kind investments;

Development – MouseBelt Engineering works closely with projects building infrastructure, protocols, scaling solutions and Dapps;

Education – its media and university education program encourages newcomers to get involved with blockchain.

Get the workforce you need for development, growth, and real-world adoption: learn more here.

About Isegoria and ISE Media:

There is an illusion of a free marketplace for ideas and debate in American and global media, when in fact powerful platforms are deciding which thoughts, ideas and messages the public will be allowed to hear, discuss and debate. Isegoria aims to solve big tech’s deplatforming, demonetizing and silencing of quality independent journalists and entertainers by building ISE Media, a platform where content creators can share their work without fear of censorship and where media users have a space to discuss facts and ideas freely.

The ISE Media platform was launched in July 2020 to create a space that delivers unbiased, unfiltered information, and is committed to making the media industry radically transparent. As development progresses, ISE Media will be featuring more original content including documentaries, shows, video podcasts, news programming and more, creating a platform unlike any the world has seen. See what ISE.Media is building by clicking here.

Contact: Samuel Eaton

Chief Marketing Officer, Isegoria

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