Juvare Launches Return-to-Work and Return-to-School Solutions to Help Organizations Manage the Complexity of Safely Returning to Normal

Juvare, the leader in critical incident preparedness and response technology, today announces two new solutions to bring together its deep expertise in emergency preparedness and response solutions and pandemic-specific workflows such as contact tracing and case management. WebEOC Workplace is designed to help businesses of all sizes effectively manage the complexities of returning to work, not only monitoring individuals, but also tracking facility statuses, PPE supplies, task assignments, and ongoing processes and procedures required. WebEOC Campus is designed to help campus planning officials manage all protocols required for safely bringing faculty and students back to campus.

“The challenges of returning to normal operations are extremely complex,” said Robert Watson, CEO of Juvare. “I believe our long history and hands-on experience in helping communities prepare, respond and recover from critical incidents of all kinds has enabled us to deliver a solution that is uniquely suited to help organizations meet the challenges COVID-19 has presented with confidence and clarity. I’m proud that WebEOC Workplace and WebEOC Campus will be a part of helping our world recover and bounce forward.”

Both WebEOC Workplace and WebEOC Campus deliver dynamic pre-built workflows to help leaders quickly gain the complete situational awareness to keep their people safe, manage return-to-operations requirements, mitigate risks and prepare for future critical incidents. Built on Juvare WebEOC, the industry-standard emergency preparedness and response platform, WebEOC Workplace and WebEOC Campus combine battle-tested critical incident management best practices with pandemic-specific workflows, contact tracing and case management functionality to provide complete situational awareness to protect businesses and organizations as they return to the new normal.

WebEOC Workplace and WebEOC Campus’ cloud-based design supports the highest control of privacy standards, can be implemented quickly, is customizable to fit any organization’s unique needs, and can scale to fit any size organization.

WebEOC Workplace and WebEOC Campus features include:

  • Mobile and desktop compatibility
  • Centralized executive dashboards for complete situational awareness
  • Pre-configured workflows for fast time to value
  • Editable checklist templates based on FEMA, CDC and OSHA guidelines
  • Mobile-ready individual health check-in workflows
  • Contact tracing and case management with automated prompts
  • Facility status monitoring
  • Community/Campus impact tracking
  • Employee status log
  • PPE supply management
  • Secure file library
  • Twitter feed monitoring
  • ArcGIS COVID-19 map dashboards
  • Juvare Exchange for collaboration with the Juvare Community™
  • Optional Microsoft Teams integration

WebEOC Workplace and WebEOC Campus are the latest in Juvare’s line of emergency preparedness and response technology that have been used for past outbreak response efforts including: H1N1 (Swine Flu), H5N9 (Avian Flu), Ebola (EVD), and the SARS outbreak.

Additionally, Juvare solutions have been used to prepare for and respond to major U.S. hurricanes including Maria, Irma, and Dorian; California wildfires; active shooter incidents including the Orlando Pulse Nightclub and Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest Festival shootings; planned events such as the Big Game and major public events.

Juvare technology connects more than 80% of state public health agencies, 4,000 hospitals, more than 50 federal agencies, and more than 600 emergency management operations across the U.S. and worldwide with a rapidly expanding international presence with implementations in more than 20 countries and offices in Kaunas, Lithuania, and Wellington, New Zealand.

Juvare is a worldwide leader in emergency preparedness and critical incident management and response technology. Juvare solutions empower government agencies, corporations, healthcare facilities, academic institutions, and volunteer organizations to leverage real-time data to manage incidents faster and more efficiently, protecting people, property, and brands. For more information, visit www.juvare.com.

Media Contact:
Josh Byrd
VP, Marketing
[email protected]