Juvare Releases Infectious Disease Community Impact Add-on for WebEOC to Help Emergency Managers Track COVID-19 Pandemic

Juvare, the leader in critical incident preparedness and response technology announced today the company is releasing an Infectious Disease Community Impact Tracking add-on for their WebEOC platform at no cost to clients. The add-on, known as a ‘Board’ in WebEOC, was designed in close collaboration with clients to apply evolving best practices and was released to help the company’s thousands of Emergency Management users – in Federal, State, Local, Healthcare, Higher Education, Transportation, and Corporate sectors – monitor, track, and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our clients are on the front lines of preparing and responding to the coronavirus pandemic. We built our solutions specifically to help them respond in critical times such as these,” said Robert Watson, CEO, Juvare. “We are proud to be the technology partner preparedness and response professionals depend on every day to maintain complete situational awareness and respond quickly and effectively to any critical incident that may arise.”

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, Federal, state, and local emergency management agencies are on high alert and seeking innovative ways to work closely with the thousands of Public Health agencies, Health Systems, and Healthcare providers who are already working with Juvare’s EMResource, eICS, EMTrack, EMSupply, and CORES solutions to coordinate and manage the coronavirus response activities including supply chain monitoring, personnel tracking, epidemiological support, operations monitoring, situation reports, risk and impact assessments, and more.

“Unlike most emergencies that happen fast, the COVID-19 pandemic is still building and will likely continue for an extended period of time. The level of continuous coordinated planning and response required from all of our clients to effectively manage all activities, supply levels, facility statuses, people tracking, and critical incidents is unprecedented,” remarked Sam Klietz, Chief Client Officer. “We are in the unique position of being able to provide solutions, expertise, and partnership to help our clients manage the entire continuum of this response.”

In recent years, Juvare’s solutions have been used to prepare for and respond to major hurricanes including Maria, Irma, and Dorian; California wildfires; active shooter incidents including the Orlando Pulse Nightclub and Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest Festival shootings; planned events such as Super Bowls and major public events; as well as past U.S outbreak preparedness efforts including: H1N1 (Swine Flu), H5N9 (Avian Flu), and Ebola (EVD), as well as the SARS outbreak.

Juvare technology connects over 80% of state public health agencies, 3,500+ hospitals, 50+ federal agencies, and 500+ Emergency Management operations across the U.S., as well as a rapidly expanding international presence with offices in Kaunas, Lithuania, and Wellington, New Zealand.

Juvare is a worldwide leader in emergency preparedness and critical incident management and response technology. Juvare solutions empower government agencies, corporations, healthcare facilities, academic institutions, and volunteer organizations to leverage real-time data to manage incidents faster and more efficiently, protecting people, property, and brands. For more information, visit www.juvare.com.

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VP, Marketing
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Juvare Coronavirus Infectious Disease Impact Tracking Addon for WebEOC
Screen shot from example use of Infectious Disease Impact Tracking Add-on for WebEOC

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