Kaizen Analytix Announces KaizenCompliance – a CCPA Compliance Solution

Kaizen Analytix LLC, a leading analytics products and services provider, announced the launch of KaizenCompliance, a data compliance readiness solution for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

The CCPA is an act that is intended to protect consumer data by giving consumers the right to know, the right to forget, and the right not to sell their personal data – which goes into effect January 2020, with enforcement starting in July 2020. With the Texas Consumer Privacy Act (TCPA) and other state’s privacy laws in the works, it is expected that this will soon be nationwide.

KaizenCompliance is a fast track to consumer data compliance and remediates enforcement risk. Through project planning, consumer data analysis, testing and validation, KPIs and reporting, and workstream planning from legal and compliance offices to entire organizations, KaizenCompliance enables a smooth transition into becoming CCPA compliant.

“Emerging consumer privacy laws, such as GDPR and CCPA, should drive organizations to build a culture of privacy, not as a means to short-term legal compliance. It’s an opportunity to invest in consumer privacy architecture for business success and build customer trust for your brand.” – Jay Velayutham, Privacy Specialist, KaizenAnalytix.

About Kaizen Analytix

Kaizen Analytix LLC is an analytics products and services company that gives clients unmatched speed to increase revenues, reduce costs, and maximize margins through advanced analytics solutions and actionable business insights. Working from client and industry data, Kaizen combines its proprietary Kaizen ValueAccelerators™, data, and data from Kaizen DataLabs, with proven analytics subject matter experts to rapidly deliver insights across the value chain, from Sales and Marketing to Operations and Finance. For more information, visit www.kaizenanalytix.com

Press Contact: Stephanie Bippert, [email protected]