Lead5 Announces New Pricing Plans, Platform Expansions

Lead5 – The Executive Career Platform today announced new pricing plans and platform expansions that will help its executive members elevate their careers during the current COVID-19 economic crisis and beyond.

“I have consulted with executives for over two decades and have helped them advance their careers. These relationships are more than just professional. I count many of these men and women as my friends,” said Co-Founder and CEO Josh Wimberley. “I know that some of them are facing challenging circumstances now and we felt a sense of urgency to fast track two initiatives that will benefit all Lead5 members, especially those members impacted by COVID-19.”

CEO Josh Wimberley went on to explain details about Lead5’s new pricing, “We have decided to lower our monthly membership price to $19.95 and lower our annual plan so that is costs less than $15 per month.  Word of mouth from members has led to our current scale and I’m both grateful and excited to be in a position to pass along savings.”

Watch Lead5 CEO Josh Wimberley’s guidance for executives navigating the challenging job market: How to Manage Your Executive Career During the Crisis

“I am also excited to announce our newly created Lead5 Executive Community. This concept came to us naturally as Lead5 members have reached and offered us important information that benefited the larger Lead5 membership base. Our members have embodied the maxim that successful people achieve success by helping others and we intend to carry that positive human momentum forward. The Lead5 Executive Community will be the 1-stop forum where members can exchange opportunities, career intel, and thought leadership. In a time with rampant disconnection and confusion, we are committed to bringing people together in meaningful ways.”

CEO Josh Wimberley described how Lead5 is built around the 5 dimensions that drive executive career success with the first dimension being proactive outreach, “I understand that executives will be attracted to Lead5 because we unveil the hidden executive job world, and we are fully committed to continually delivering that. I’m also excited to guide members towards long-term career success by helping them apply all 5 of the success dimensions that Lead5 was developed around.”

Lead5 Facilitates Executive Success Through (5) Career Dimensions:

  1. Proactive and strategic outreach
  2. Continuous networking with key hiring contacts that Lead5 provides
  3. Exchange of thought leadership
  4. Honing job skills
  5. Connection with peers

The company says the primary aim of this release is to provide members with enhanced abilities to connect during a time period of unprecedented disconnection. Specifically, Lead5 intends to connect members to: opportunities, peers, career strategists, and impactful career information that will help members elevate their careers during the current economic crisis and beyond.

About Lead5 – The Executive Career Platform

Lead5 – The Executive Career Platform is a confidential subscription-based web platform created by leaders from the executive recruiting space to empower C-level members in all phases of their career by connecting them to the key components of the hidden executive career world. www.lead5.com

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