Lingo Reports Strong Carrier Sales Results

Lingo Communications, LLC, (“Lingo”) a leading global Cloud/UC communications and managed service provider dedicated to serving the SMB, Carrier and Consumer markets, announced today strong Carrier sales results thus far in Q4 ’19.

The Carrier division management started Q4 ’19 with a flurry of activity attending the SOMOS Toll-Free User Summit, Capacity Europe and INCOMPAS trade shows. These events helped facilitate dozens of meetings with current and prospective customers, resulting in landing ten new Carrier partnership opportunities thus far in Q4 ’19. This is the highest level of customer engagement we have seen in any quarter in our history.

The Lingo Carrier network is a privately-owned facilities-based North American IP-based network covering 88% of the LATA’s in the U.S. and Canada. It has a highly scalable network core of cutting-edge soft switches and “industry-best” hardware, supported by 24×7 network operations management.

The Carrier division primarily provides voice services such as long-distance, international, toll-free, inbound, outbound and origination/termination to domestic and international Carriers. In addition, we have begun to expand our target market to include a handful of Enterprise customers who have similar needs to our traditional Carrier customer. This new market demographic provides a strong upside to our business plan for the Carrier division in 2020.

These new customer partnerships are not only driving additional top and bottom-line growth, but they also enable us to lower our cost to operate the Carrier network which benefits not only our Carrier and Enterprise customers, but also our SMB and Consumer customers who utilize the same network.

Chuck Griffin, Lingo’s President and CEO said, “Our Q4 ’19 Carrier sales activity success reflects the hard work we have put into refining our products and services and our focus on the Carrier customer experience. Lingo Carrier customers are at the forefront of everything we do in our Carrier division and our sales bookings success this quarter is indicative of how closely our solutions now align to the needs of the marketplace.”

“We are once again amazed with the ongoing demand for voice services leveraging the Lingo best-of-breed IP-Network that spans North America, especially from the international Carrier space,” said Jason Welch, EVP Carrier Services. “With all the new opportunities at hand, the Carrier team is very busy implementing interconnections and closing 2019 in a strong position. In addition, we are now also setup to enter 2020 with great momentum and in a very solid position.”

About Lingo
Lingo is a leading global Cloud/UC communications and managed service provider to the SMB, Carrier and Consumer markets. Lingo provides modern, efficient, IP-based voice, data, managed services and network services to customers around the globe. Lingo owns both a nationwide IP-based Cloud/UC communications network as well as an expansive North American FG-D network serving many of the largest global Carrier customers.