LocatorX and Schoolhouse Brewing to Transform Asset Tracking and Customer Service in the Home Brewing Industry

LocatorX, a technology company developing accurate, inexpensive and flexible tracking technology, today announces the addition of Schoolhouse Brewing to its client portfolio.

Schoolhouse Brewing offers homebrewing services and is Georgia’s first open source and rotating brewery. The company shares recipes and sells the ingredients and equipment needed to make these brews. Because they’re also a rotating brewery, Schoolhouse Brewing never brews the same thing twice and will utilize LocatorX’s technology to drive this mission.

LocatorX’s breakthrough solutions work together to improve product and tracking information while also increasing opportunities for secure customer-brand interaction. With this solution, Schoolhouse Brewing will be able to track their kegs and better communicate with customers to improve customer engagement and retention. Additionally, customers can use this platform to connect with Schoolhouse Brewing on a deeper level by sharing direct feedback, collaborating on new recipes, and troubleshooting new brewing techniques. Customers will also be able to easily order ingredients and equipment on the platform based on the recipe they’ve selected simply by scanning a certified CQ code.

“Schoolhouse Brewing is going to be using LocatorX’s technology to track equipment and help develop a teaching tool for our at-home brewing kits,” said Thomas Monti, Head Brewer at Schoolhouse Brewing. “We’ll be able to go paperless through the use of LocatorX’s QR codes, but still be able to share the latest recipes, tips, and educational info with our customers.”

Adding another layer of technology is nothing new for Schoolhouse Brewing. The company is always evolving and has already been utilizing open source brewing to develop new recipes and techniques. Through this, Schoolhouse Brewing offers full transparency to its customers, but wants to take things a step further.

“LocatorX is excited to join forces with Schoolhouse Brewing to redefine what it means to offer great customer service,” said Scott Fletcher, CEO and President of LocatorX. “With LocatorX’s customer engagement and tracking technology, Schoolhouse brewing can offer customers increased insight into ingredients as well as the brewing process while also keeping tabs on its brewing equipment. We look forward to working with Schoolhouse Brewing and redefining what it means to be a customer-first brewery.”

LocatorX’s suite of solutions include unique 2D bar codes, an NFC/Bluetooth-encrypted chip and an upcoming Global Resource Locator to be powered by a Solid-State Miniature Atomic Clock. The clock is the first of its kind, and is patented by the University of Oxford, which has granted LocatorX exclusive rights to the technology for commercial purposes.

About LocatorX
LocatorX, headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., offers companies a highly secure platform and tracking devices for manufacturers, supply-chain managers, warehousing and retailers. The technology enables brands and consumers to access an item’s current location and audit trail from its origin using a smartphone. LocatorX is leading efforts in detecting and preventing counterfeiting, theft and product diversion while increasing consumer engagement with manufacturers.

The company is also developing the world’s first molecular-sized location tracking device. This device is based on the patented Solid-State Miniature Atomic Clock (SMAC) technology created by the nanomaterials lab at University of Oxford, to which LocatorX has exclusive rights. For more information, visit https://www.locatorx.com/