Locus Robotics Supply Chain Group Recognized by Manhattan Associates Robotics Al Tech Partner of the Year

Locus Robotics today announced that it has been named as the winner of the Distribution Services Partner of the Year award by Manhattan Associates. The awards were presented at Momentum 2022, Manhattan Associates’ annual event, held on May 23-25 in Florida.

With the expansion of global trade and the evolution of omnichannel retail, supply chains have become increasingly complicated and important. With the pandemic, the supply chain has become more critical than ever to keep businesses running. At Momentum 2022, the partners were recognized for their exceptional work in providing top-quality solutions and services that address complex business challenges and continuously drive success, value and return on investment for our customers.

“We are extremely honored to be named as Distribution Services Partner of the Year by Manhattan Associates,” said Rick Faulk, CEO of Locus Robotics. “This partnership has enabled us to deliver dramatic productivity benefits and cost savings for warehouse operators around the world and we look forward to continuing that momentum together into the future.”

Commenting on the award win, Eric Lamphier, Senior Director of Alliances, said, “Manhattan Associates is committed to developing, supporting and recognizing innovations that build a smooth supply chain and improve the end-consumer experience. We are conscious of the value add of our robust partner network and are proud of the innovative and efficient solutions developed by them to make our customers continue seamlessly on their business journey.”

Locus has been a Manhattan Associates partner and a charter member of Manhattan’s MVP Program for 3 years. Manhattan Associates is supported by a global network of consulting, service and technology partners and is committed to building efficient, solutions-driven and transparent partnerships that drive growth in supply chain.

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