Logicpath and Ceto and Associates Welcome Michele Mooney as VP Marketing and Public Relations

Logicpath, a leading provider of fintech software solutions and analytics and Ceto and Associates, a management consulting firm have added a new member to its already stellar leadership team. Announced today, Michele Mooney, VP Marketing and Public Relations, will take the reins of the firms’ marketing efforts as they move to grow market share, serving banks and credit unions to increase profitability and operational efficiency nationwide. Mooney brings extraordinary depth and breadth of related experience to this role, having spent the majority of her marketing career to-date in the financial and software technology industries. Mooney will lead marketing and public relations initiatives that support the strategic and creative direction of logicpath and its sister company, Ceto and Associates, as both firms continue to bring new and innovative solutions to market.

“We are pleased to welcome Michele, a seasoned marketing professional, to logicpath and Ceto and Associates,” said Douglas Ceto, President and CEO. “Michele has the deep expertise needed to develop an effective marketing plan that will enable both firms to reach banks and credit unions nationwide. Her advanced skillset within the marketing field will continue to move the company forward in a strategic direction as she helps us communicate both the logicpath and Ceto and Associates brands in new and meaningful ways.”

Mooney brings more than 20 years of hands-on marketing leadership to the team and has extensive experience in holistic B2B marketing strategy, marketing and sales alignment, brand development, digital marketing, public relations and team leadership. Prior to joining logicpath, Mooney directed the marketing efforts for XINNIX, a national sales and leadership academy offering award-winning web-based interactive training for mortgage companies, credit unions and banks. Mooney also led the marketing efforts at Paymetric, the global leader in integrated electronic B2B payments and secure enterprise data, supporting more than 500 of the world’s leading global brands.

“I am thrilled to be with two innovative companies demonstrating exponential growth potential such as logicpath and Ceto and Associates,” said Mooney, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations. “I was drawn to the firms because of the significant potential to positively impact the financial services industry. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work alongside an incredible team and ultimately grow the business. I can’t wait to get busy making that happen.”

About logicpath

Atlanta-based logicpath provides innovative software solutions and analytics to financial institutions, and is trusted by thousands of clients across the United States and Canada. Logicpath developed C3 Financial, a SaaS cash forecasting and management software, and Deposit Reclassification, a program designed to eliminate reserve balances. With the client’s success and profitability in mind, logicpath’s solutions improve earnings, efficiency, risk management and operations. For more information call 1.877.495.0687 or visit www.logicpath.com.

About Ceto and Associates

Founded in 1994 by Nicholas Ceto, Jr., Ceto and Associates is a highly respected and nationally recognized management consulting firm. Working closely with financial institutions, the firm specializes in developing and deploying solutions that focus on increasing profitability through initiatives that maximize revenue, reduce expense and improve organizational performance and efficiency. Ceto and Associates places the client’s needs in the forefront and designs solutions to best fit their culture, goals and objectives. For more information call 1.866.227.1631 or visit www.ceto.com.