MoZeus Develops The Future Of Contactless Experiential Technology

MoZeus, a leading provider of data-driven experiential marketing technology, has announced the development of its latest digital activation tool: Digital Wand. The contactless essence of this solution allows consumers to interact with digital displays from their very own phone – without ever downloading an app.

Similar to that of a Wii remote, Digital Wand instantly “transforms” any user’s mobile device into a remote control.

Similar to that of a Wii remote, Digital Wand technology instantly “transforms” any user’s mobile device into a second-screen remote control, by simply scanning a QR code. “As brand experience creators, we are tasked with capturing consumer attention and influencing their behavior through memorable engagements – when, where and how they want,” said Scott Sheppard, CTO/Founder, MoZeus.

“While marketers’ goals of generating leads, building brand awareness and boosting consumer loyalty remain, this pandemic has supercharged the majority of people’s demand for contact-free-everything. Whether it’s reimagining product education, revolutionizing gamification, or revamping digital signage, Digital Wand gives event marketers a unique opportunity to immerse consumers and elevate the digital brand experience in a COVID-conscious world.”

MoZeus’ Digital Wand solution has been deployed in a myriad of different ways, by both brand and agency partners. Most recently, MoZeus partnered up with RSM, a proven shopper marketing agency specializing in integrated marketing solutions, to bring Digital Wand to life in a nationwide, multi-market experiential tour. “Pivot is the word of 2020. That’s what we were able to do partnering with MoZeus with this technology. The Digital Wand allowed us to shift an in-person experiential activation to a drive-in, contactless experience to excite and delight Walmart shoppers in a new way.” said Keith Wallace, Vice President, RSM.

Notable Benefits & ROI Value

  • No App Download Required
  • Standalone Experience (No BA Required)
  • Accurate / Real-Time Display Actions
  • Single & Multiplayer Interactives
  • Seamless / Intuitive User Experience
  • 100% PII Data Security

Activation Types

  • Retail / Shopper Activations
  • Multi-Sponsorship Events
  • Automotive Shows
  • Pop-Up Shops
  • Trade Shows & Conferences
  • Standalone Displays

Digital Wand offers the same stringent data security protocols as every one of MoZeus’ existing digital solutions. For more information visit:

About MoZeus: MoZeus Worldwide specializes in data collection and experiential marketing technology to enhance the connection between brands and consumers. As a metric-driven partner, we support brands and agencies with live events, retail activations and shopper marketing campaigns to deliver top notch digital engagements to boost consumer-brand interaction and increase quality lead generation.

About RSM (Retail Sports Marketing Inc.):

RSM specializes in integrated and commerce driving, brand and retail marketing solutions that drive strong return on investment and measurable performance. RSM offers a variety of services to exceed expectations every day for our clients and most importantly drive shoppers to make purchase decisions.

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