New AI Adaptive Learning Platform Offers Next-Gen Technology Over Old Traditional Learning Management Systems

Today FocalPoint Education formally revealed the release of a next-generation learning management system: FocalPoint LearningTree adaptive learning platform. The LearningTree solution, first developed for Arizona State University’s Prep Digital program, has subsequently been field-tested in a number of select institutions and represents a complete re-thinking of the underlying technology used in most e-learning platforms. Leveraging xAPI Learning Records Store data and artificial intelligence, LearningTree can create true adaptive learning pathways for student to accelerate learning and improve outcomes.

LearningTree technology represents an extraordinary advance in learning experiences, replacing a traditional architecture that originated in the 1990s when the LMS was invented. “Newer LMS solutions show significant evolution and improvement, yet they are built on the framework designed to address content delivery,” says Randall Dennis, FocalPoint’s Chief Strategy Officer, who addresses the problems of the old model in a recent District Administration article “The 90’s Called. They Want Their LMS Back.”Kiran Athota and our team has built a fresh foundation,” Dennis continues, “that collects and leverages data to apply machine learning that can adapt courses to the learner.”

The LearningTree solution provides a pathway for the future with full integration of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality content. “LearningTree enhancements in learning experiences produce higher engagement for improved outcomes vital to distance learning in a post-COVID world,” says FocalPoint CEO, Kiran Athota. “But we haven’t left prior e-learning investments behind – LearningTree easily integrates old LMS course content cartridges.”

The LearningTree adaptive learning platform provides for integration of:

  • E-learning experiences outside of the web browser
  • E-learning in native mobile applications
  • More control over learning content
  • Individualized learning plans and goals
  • Seamless cross-platform transitions (e.g. starting modules on mobile devices and finishing on others such as laptops)
  • The ability to track games and simulations
  • The ability to track real-world project based performance
  • Team-based e-learning using communication tools for Professional Learning Communities
  • Single Sign On with most other edtech solutions

The announcement of LearningTree comes on the heels of FocalPoint’s recent announcement of their revolutionary blockchain-enabled student credentialing platform, FocalPoint Backpack.

An Info Sheet on FocalPoint’s LearningTree can be explored at, where other solutions are available. For additional information, email [email protected] or call +1 (866) 377-4265.


FocalPoint Education is a metro-Atlanta based firm with extensive experience in educational technology development. FocalPoint has successfully deployed bespoke enterprise statewide solutions for Georgia, Rhode Island, Maine and North Dakota, as well as school districts in 14 states. Their innovative solutions include LearningTree (an Adaptive Learning Platform leveraging next-gen technology), LENS (learning analytics with a recommendations engine and data warehousing), AssessCloud (a solution allowing educators to develop and manage assessments) and Backpack (a blockchain-enabled credentialing system). FocalPoint utilizes xAPI, Learning Record Store (LRS) technology and relevancy algorithms to deliver advanced learning analytics to drive student engagement, match digital resources with targeted student needs and support data-driven, personalized learning. All FocalPoint solutions seamlessly integrate with countless third-party edtech solutions. For more information visit Video:

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