Newly Released Emergency Contacts App Helps Families Check in on Loved Ones

A vast majority of people across the globe can agree that times are uncertain due to the rapid spread of COVID-19. For many, the virus presents a unique challenge to those who need to check-in on their loved ones or for those who desire to hear from their loved ones regularly.

Fortunately, “Just Checking In”, a newly released app bridges the gap between the two, alerting users to check-in on their loved ones and notifying their emergency contacts if there’s no response.

According to the U.S Census, over 30 million people live alone. JCI ensures that these people are not forgotten as well.

Kala Haynes, the Co-Founder of Just Checking In is confident that users will gain a greater peace of mind knowing their loved ones are safe. She also believes JCI will not only bring families closer, but it could potentially save lives, especially during this time where the majority of the world is at home with minimal connection to the outside world.

“Who concerns me are the millions of individuals forced to stay home, with depression being the leading cause of disability worldwide, a missed check-in could mean a lot more than we think,” said Usher, Co-Founder.

While our world has evolved with the Internet and a growing number of social media platforms, Just Checking In’s user-friendly platform and specific capabilities makes this app a single person must have.

For example, JCI includes a built-in “Check-In Tracker” that allows users to invite family and friends to sync with their account.

This feature shows users the last time their loved ones checked in or if they’re on vacation mode. If they didn’t check-in, there’s a prompt for them to call and check-in.

The creators of Just Checking In say, this feature delivers a faster response time because your check-in partner would be able to access you much faster in the event of an emergency.

Just Checking In has several other features, including an instant “Help” feature that allows users to send a notification to emergency contacts requesting help.

Additionally, every 24 hours, users can count on a notification reminding them to check-in. If they miss a check-in, they’re sent another alert to make sure they are safe. The final notification tells users that their listed and enabled emergency contacts will be alerted.

We all know just how stressful our lives can get. It can often lead to guilt when we forget to check-in on our loved ones regularly. Just Checking In puts your mind at ease knowing your family and friends are safe.

About Just Checking In App 

Just Checking In is a mobile emergency contact app that notifies your emergency contacts if you don’t respond! Available on iTunes and the Google Playstore. For more information visit Email [email protected].