North America’s Largest lntegrated Research Site Organization, Centricity Research, Expands Further with Addition of Aventiv Research

North America’s clinical research leader, Centricity Research, announced that Aventiv Research has merged with the organization, extending the reach and capabilities of the largest integrated research site organization across the USA and Canada.

Aventiv Research is the fourth clinical research company to join Centricity Research, which launched in November 2021 when IACT Health and LMC Manna Research joined forces, followed by the merger with True North Clinical Research in December 2021.

With research sites in Ohio and Arizona, Aventiv specializes in phase I-IV pharmaceutical, device, and diagnostic clinical trials in a variety of therapeutic areas. Founded in 2007 by Dr. Samir Arora, a proven leader with over 15 years of experience, Aventiv has conducted 475+ clinical trials with over 55 pharmaceutical sponsors, helping 26 drugs become FDA-approved and available for use.

“I am thrilled to have Aventiv join Centricity Research. They will further strengthen and solidify our reputation of prominence and importance within the industry,” said Dr. Jeff Kingsley, CEO of Centricity Research. “Aventiv shares our passion for customer-centric and team-centric thinking and promises to be the perfect addition as we continue to revolutionize research and change lives.”

With this merger, Centricity now offers CROs and sponsors access to 45 clinical research sites, over 1.6 million geographically and ethnically diverse patients, and over 150 experienced investigators who perform trials in more than 35 therapeutic areas, including Infectious Disease, Neurology, Endocrinology, Oncology, Cardiology, Dermatology, Vaccines and more.

“Aventiv Research has always focused on building trusted partnerships with patients, sponsors, CROs and physicians alike,” said Dr. Arora, President and Medical Director at Aventiv Research. “Centricity Research is committed to a bold and exciting vision of the future that promises to break down barriers and blaze a new trail in our industry, and I am proud to join the organization knowing we can exponentially impact the future of science and medicine and enrich the lives of the wide-ranging populations we serve.”

About Centricity Research

Centricity Research is an integrated research organization with over 45 research offices across North America. The company conducts Phase I-IV clinical research in 35+ therapeutic areas: inpatient and outpatient; pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device trials. The organization’s founders have worked to revolutionize research for over 25 years by investing in the people and technology needed to deliver outstanding clinical trial experiences, earning numerous awards. including “Best Places to Work” and recognition for “Outstanding Diversity in Clinical Research.” For more information, visit

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