nView Launches Clinical Decision Support Solution to Help Assess, Treat and Monitor Mental Illness

nView Health has announced general availability of its evidence-based behavioral health solution that uses gold-standard measurements and proprietary algorithms to simplify the complex process of delivering mental healthcare. Using this intelligent workflow engine, behavioral health and addiction medicine providers get the data they need to make more informed clinical decisions that produce better outcomes for their patients.

The intelligent workflow engine delivers data to help providers make more informed mental healthcare decisions.

The nView solution follows a measurement-based care process model of screening, assessment, clinical follow-up, and severity and outcome measurement to monitor progress. It includes digital versions of behavioral health scales that have been used worldwide in clinical and academic research for more than 25 years and cited nearly 100,000 times in publications and clinical studies.

“We are excited to bring this innovative solution to the behavioral healthcare and addiction medicine markets,” said nView CEO John Letter. “Our new workflow engine enables providers to assess multiple conditions simultaneously and helps identify underlying or root causes of substance use. The result: Providers get the right diagnosis the first time so their patients can get the help that allows them to lead healthier lives.”

Two of the most noteworthy features of the new nView solution are its clinical follow-up functionality that provides configurable recommendations for the next steps in an individual’s care and a sleek, modern user interface that guides users through the mental healthcare process. The interface makes it easy to collect and use data to make correct diagnoses and build effective, personalized treatment plans. The solution also allows users to look beyond a single condition, like depression or anxiety, to take comorbidities into consideration.

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nView Health is a leading provider of evidence-based software and supporting solutions used by research organizations and healthcare professionals around the world to help them identify, treat and monitor mental health disorders — a critical requirement for measurement-based care. nView is the exclusive licensee worldwide for a broad array of behavioral health screening solutions, structured interviews, and post-diagnosis severity measurement scales to monitor patient outcomes. To learn more, visit nview.com or follow nView Health on LinkedIn or Twitter.