OAGi’s Industrial Ontologies Foundry Releases Core Ontology Beta

The Open Application Group’s (OAGi) Industrial Ontologies Foundry (IOF) has released IOF Core Ontology beta. The release is available for immediate download at https://github.com/iofoundry/Core.

“The Gartner Group in one of their recent reports foresees that by 2025 80% of data will be stored in knowledge graph databases,” said Dr. Dimitris Kiritsis, Professor of ICT for Sustainable Manufacturing, EPFL, Switzerland. “Interoperability of such knowledge graphs will depend on the ontologies used to support them. IOF was established to offer to industrial communities the knowledge and the means to develop high-quality ‘common’ ontologies as the foundational information models of their future interoperable applications allowing trusted data sharing.”

“Ontologies are crucial for the management of the full product lifecycle across domains,” said Michela Magas, Chair of the Industry Commons Foundation. “This is essential for industrial sustainability strategies and brings economic benefits through tighter integration and optimization of supply and distribution networks. By enabling stronger collaboration across supply domains, ontologies increase opportunities for the creation of new value networks and breakthrough innovation.”

The Core team will process beta feedback as they prepare a final version. Meanwhile, work will continue on domain ontologies based on IOF Core. OAGi invites organizations to contribute to IOF work by joining at https://bit.ly/IOF-Mbr.

The Open Applications Group (OAGi) is a non-profit organization with the mission to reduce the cost of integration by developing inter-operable, cross-functional, cross-industry, data-model-driven, and extensible standards to meet the challenge of a rapidly-changing global digital economy. OAGi.org

The Industrial Ontologies Foundry (IOF) is an OAGi organizational unit with the mission to create a core ontology and a set of domain ontologies that span digital manufacturing. IndustrialOntologies.org


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