OMNY Health and Datavant Announce Alliance to Accelerate Delivery of Real-World Data Between Healthcare Stakeholders to Enhance Clinical Research and Drug Development

– Collaboration enables provider organizations to deliver de-identified, longitudinal data sets to life science companies and other trial sponsors –

– Real-world data offers unique insights in clinical research as drug developers focus on increasing equity in clinical trials and improving patient outcomes –

OMNY Health, the premier healthcare ecosystem for facilitating compliant cross-industry health data sharing, and Datavant, the leader in helping organizations securely connect health data sets, have announced a collaboration agreement to accelerate the delivery of de-identified, real-world data (RWD) from provider organizations to clinical researchers and drug developers.

This collaboration puts us one step closer to eliminating unnecessary barriers in healthcare data fragmentation.

Under the agreement, provider organizations using Datavant’s software can now access OMNY Health’s suite of solutions to standardize, normalize, and de-identify their electronic health record (EHR) data into research-ready data sets, which can then easily be joined with other data sets utilizing Datavant’s suite of privacy-centric data connectivity tools. For researchers, the collaboration will provide access to a broad ecosystem of data from a diverse mix of provider organizations and patient populations. This will thoroughly support researchers’ analytical needs through compliant linkages to other available third-party data available in the Datavant ecosystem.

“This collaboration with Datavant puts us one step closer to eliminating unnecessary barriers in healthcare data fragmentation, which can be meaningful when it comes to impacting care,” said Dr. Mitesh Rao, Founder and CEO of OMNY Health. “By combining our organizations’ capabilities, we are creating efficiencies that provide clinical researchers and drug developers with data-backed information and insights that may help them address critical industry issues like diversity and equity in clinical research and improving patient outcomes.”

“The ability to combine Datavant’s data de-identification and connectivity capabilities with OMNY Health’s streamlined processes for rapidly creating research-ready data sets greatly expands the providers’ and researchers’ ability to follow the longitudinal patient journey across the full care continuum,” said Bob Borek, President and General Manager of the Life Sciences, Ecosystem, and Public Sector businesses at Datavant. “We are thrilled to collaborate with OMNY Health and look forward to the new insights our collaboration will bring to healthcare providers and researchers alike.”

Today, the OMNY Health platform includes longitudinal care journeys from a diverse group of provider organizations that deliver care to more than 50 million patients across all 50 states. All data is EHR-agnostic and represents more than 200 disease indications. OMNY Health’s curation process and provider group engagement surfaces richer clinical content and capabilities to prospectively collect data. This results in one of the largest and most extensive resources for deriving insights on real-world care in the United States.

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