Oncology Analytics Announces Release of Oncology Insights

Oncology Analytics®, a data-driven, utilization management company, which provides real-world, evidence-based analytics focused exclusively for oncology, today announced the release of Oncology Insights™, a next-generation analytics software solution that delivers current, relevant and structured oncology data, supported by expert clinical advisory services.

Aggregating oncology data from multiple sources is a difficult task for health plans. Gaining immediate, actionable insights from the data is even more challenging. Oncology Insights leverages data science, predictive analytic models and machine learning to provide clarity on treatment efficacy, quality, and costs to help health plans determine which treatments are in the best interests of their members, sequenced at the right time.

“Structured, longitudinal clinical data provide unparalleled clarity into how patient populations are treated, which treatments being prescribed are in the patients’ best interest, and most importantly, the quality, efficacy, and cost of care,” said Brian York, chief analytics officer, Oncology Analytics.

“The release of Oncology Insights is another significant step in our mission to drive a patient-first approach to cancer treatment by leveraging data science, predictive analytics and machine learning,” said Rick Dean, CEO, Oncology Analytics. “Making Oncology Insights available to all health plans as a stand-alone offering or in conjunction with our market-leading utilization management solution ensures that the widest population of patients will benefit from the best possible decision making for their treatment options.”

Oncology Insights is built on three key foundational pillars, real-world data, comparative benchmarking, and advisory services.

  • Real-World Data. Oncology Insights applies leading-edge natural language processing capabilities to ingest clinical notes, lab reports, radiology scan results, and chemotherapy regimen data to help health plans better understand outcomes for each member.
  • Comparative Benchmarking. Oncology Insights utilizes HIPAA compliant methods to de-identify the data to enable health plans to compare their performance against other similar organizations in areas like oncology drug spend, drug trend, and network provider prescribing patterns.
  • Advisory Services. By using Oncology Insights, health plans get access to a multi-disciplinary advisory team, consisting of board-certified oncology pharmacists and clinical analysts, who help interpret the data and surface immediate actionable insights. This approach lessens health plans’ burden of managing multiple data sources and ensures their focus on strategic areas that will have the greatest impact on their members.

Oncology Insights is available immediately, as part of a full oncology utilization management deployment or as a stand-alone analytics software offering.

About Oncology Analytics
Oncology Analytics, Inc. provides health plans, providers, and patients with a data-driven, utilization management solution that delivers real-world, evidence-based analytics focused exclusively for oncology. Used by physicians to support over 3.5 million health plan members in the US and Puerto Rico, the Oncology Analytics e-Prior Authorization platform covers the full spectrum of therapeutics, across all cancer types and stages, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, precision medicine, targeted therapy, and supportive care. The extensive pathway library is continuously updated with the latest evidence-based protocols, which provides the most current options for value-based treatment paths for every patient case. For more information, please visit www.oncologyanalytics.com.