OneTrust Helps Companies Prepare for EU AI Act

Accelerating AI governance with OneTrust’s end-to-end solution and expert-led masterclass

MADRID and ATLANTA, Dec. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — OneTrust, the market-defining leader for trust intelligence, today announced the general availability of its European Union Artificial Intelligence Act (EU AI Act) solution to help organizations meet the requirements of the new regulation. The company also launched its OneTrust for AI Governance Masterclass webinar series, designed to help compliance and technology professionals mature AI governance programs and approach the EU AI Act requirements with confidence.

OneTrust provides an end-to-end solution for operationalizing EU AI Act requirements and maturing AI governance

“The EU AI Act deal marks a historical milestone, making the governance of AI systems a mission-critical priority,” said Andrew Clearwater, Chief Trust Architect, OneTrust. “It will set a precedent for companies globally with potential ripple effects to the United States in the years to come. With this provisional agreement, the European Union sends a strong message that AI must be safe, trustworthy, and respect fundamental rights. We believe that this is a great first step for driving responsible AI development and innovation around the world.”

OneTrust provides an end-to-end solution for operationalizing EU AI Act requirements and maturing AI governance, allowing organizations to:

Establish and maintain an AI Inventory

Any risk-based approach starts with maintaining an up-to-date inventory of technology in scope. With OneTrust, deployers gain visibility into the risk and opportunity of AI systems in use or in the procurement process while providers can centrally manage AI systems, machine learning (ML) models, and training datasets.

Streamline risk classification

The EU AI Act proposes horizontal mandatory requirements for high-risk AI systems that must be fulfilled in order for those systems to be authorized on the EU market or otherwise put into service. With OneTrust, users and providers of AI systems can assess and classify AI systems against EU AI Act requirements and streamline third-party AI evaluation.  

Manage and enforce AI policies 

The EU AI Act outlines specific requirements to promote the transparency, safety, and ethical deployment of AI systems. OneTrust helps organizations manage documentation and policies to translate them into technical controls. Trigger notifications, user tasks, and application updates with ease.

Govern data for use in AI systems

Like the GDPR, the EU AI Act designates a broad material scope, intended to cover the processing of personal data through ‘partially or solely automated means’, including any AI system.  OneTrust helps organizations identify risk in training datasets and de-risk inputs by ensuring proper controls are in place to protect and govern data for AI.

Demonstrate accountability, transparency, and compliance

Requirements under the EU AI Act will vary based on an organization’s role in the AI supply chain as a ‘provider’ or a ‘deployer’ of an AI system and the risk level of the AI system in question. OneTrust helps organizations prepare for audits by helping furnish model cards to enhance transparency, accountability, and responsible deployment of AI technologies.

Building on the wide success of its CCPA, US Privacy, and Third-Party Risk masterclasses, OneTrust also announced the OneTrust for AI Governance Masterclass webinar series. This expert-led course is designed to help compliance and technology professionals alike master the EU AI Act and implement its requirements with confidence. Led by OneTrust Centers of Excellence, product specialists, and industry experts, the AI Governance Masterclass will dive deep into the cornerstone pieces of a technology-driven AI compliance program, the EU AI Act, AI Regulations in North America, Data Privacy in the Age of AI, Embedding Trust by Design Across the AI Lifecycle, and Governing Data for AI.

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