Opus is Helping Leading Financial Service Providers Speed up Innovation Using DevOps Processes

Having recently celebrated their silver jubilee, Opus Consulting Solutions has a rich legacy of over two decades of helping global financial institutions accelerate their digital transformation journey.

DevOps has become a critical factor for organizations that are looking to build high-performance applications with speed and flexibility. With a proven track record of helping clients achieve 100% automation in their Infrastructure as Code (IaC) processes using strong DevOps principles—today, Opus leads the pack as one of the most formidable players in the DevOps ecosystem.

Organizations that want to automate the ‘build and deploy’ processes, need to be powered with the capability of building or discarding the infrastructure on-demand. Addressing the rising need to automate the software development processes, TM Praveen, CEO of Opus said, “Modern-day development processes are fast, and they demand faster provisioning of environments. Digital-first organizations need to rethink their current delivery process to remain competitive. In our journey of transforming the payments landscape for our marquee clients, we have realized that implementing DevOps in infrastructure management is imperative to help our clients accelerate delivery and innovate faster for end customers. Capabilities such as SRE and DevSecOps are also key to building scalable, secure, and reliable digital offerings.”

DevOps processes eliminate the need to work in silos, enabling enterprises to deliver applications quickly without compromising quality. Commenting on this, TM Praveen said, “There is no doubt that DevOps is the future of software development. With speed and innovation becoming the hallmarks of a successful company today, adopting DevOps is paramount to strengthen and customize the process of managing infrastructure.”

From enabling software predictability and inducing a culture of innovation, Opus is helping organizations unlock enhanced value with DevOps.

About Opus Consulting Solutions

Opus Consulting Solutions is a global provider of outcome-driven payment strategies. Opus combines its deep technology proficiency with unmatched domain expertise in payments and FinTech to deliver unparalleled quality and value in their work.

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