Opus Leads the Switch Transformation Space by Offering Innovative, Mission-Critical Payment Solutions

Global payment solution provider Opus is helping clients future-proof payment systems through advanced switch transformation projects.

A growing appetite for innovative, real-time payment solutions renders the legacy switch obsolete in today’s fiercely competitive world. Bank issuers and payment processors need to tailor their payment systems and upgrade their switching capabilities to provide seamless digital experiences.

Opus is powering payment engines of leading organizations to acquire, switch, route, and authorize transactions from multiple sources and seamlessly manage the transactions right from the point of access to settlement.

Considering how a majority of customers interact with a business via a switch, payment switch migrations and continual enhancements have become invaluable in helping businesses effectively route transactions, extend their network, and offer convenient payment options to customers.

Addressing the need for a flexible switch in delivering a frictionless payment experience, TM Praveen, CEO of Opus, said, “With payment methods being constantly innovated, the legacy switch performance is impacted owing to a host of factors such as a rise in transaction volume, customer demands, narrowing profit margin, and increasing manual operations. Modernizing the switch is the need of the hour as it brings much-needed agility enabling payment systems to be updated at the speed of innovation worldwide.”

Opus recently published a white paper sharing real-world examples and industry best practices for payment switch transformation.

The company has a proven track record of orchestrating global payment switch transformation projects where they have helped clients gain an edge over their competition by offering next-level digital payment experiences. Regarding Opus’ experience working with highly complex payment switch transformations, Praveen said, “Opus is backed by a rich legacy of 25 years. Our global payment professionals have extensive experience and a deep understanding of the payments domain. We are the trusted implementation partner for key industry players and banks, where we have successfully led switch transformation projects as per dynamic business needs.”

About Opus Consulting Solutions

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