ORTEC Unveils the Future of Field Service Management with New Cloud-Based Optimization Solution

ORTEC, a leader in optimization software and advanced analytics, announces the launch of its new cloud-native scheduling and dispatching software solution, ORTEC for Field Service. Building on 30 years of field service planning and scheduling experience, ORTEC for Field Service applies unparalleled schedule optimization services to drive greater visibility and control of your business with continuous improvement.

With ORTEC for Field Service, organizations in unpredictable environments can optimize schedules during the workday.

Gain Visibility, Speed and Effectiveness

In today’s environment, field service companies are having to reimage how they manage operations outside the office. They face many challenges such as high-priority jobs coming in unexpectedly, field technicians calling in sick, and customers not being at their business or home at the agreed time.

With ORTEC for Field Service, organizations with high-volume schedules in unpredictable environments can optimize their schedules throughout the workday. The solution offers mobile service functionality with reporting and scheduling so office and field staff can instantly share service data, such as the technician’s location and performance.

Field techs can access all order and customer service information on their mobile device, including the ability to add new or additional customer requests onsite without having to call their corporate office. As new work comes in, service management easily adjust schedules, which improves productivity, planning, allocation and routing while seeing a reduction in logistics costs.

“Service professionals know that schedules can change so it’s essential to continuously monitor and reassess,” said Jeff Bailey, CEO, ORTEC Americas. “ORTEC for Field Service uses cloud technology to help solve everyday challenges for staying on schedule, improving the customer experience and meeting business goals. Even adding customer visits to a technician’s route leads to a more efficient way of working and increased revenue.”

Customers can also schedule appointments online, adding an additional level of service that drives loyalty and retention.

“With ORTEC for Field Service, field service companies can focus on their core business without worrying about system availability and performance,” Bailey said. “The technology is also easy to implement which allows for a faster return on investment, making it possible for our customers to focus on business process improvements.”

To learn more about ORTEC for Field Service, visit https://ortec.com/en-us/solutions/field-service.


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