OTT Platform to Stream Live Sports Faster than Cable and Satellite

Zingo TV announced today that it will partner with Streaming Global in order to increase scalability and reduce costs for its platform after acquiring the rights of For The Fans/Eleven Sports US. The Zingo TV platform will be delivering live streams at sub-second latency, a delay that is 30-60X faster than industry average.

The For The Fans/Eleven Sports US content has approximately 1.8 million viewers, and is looking to expand its viewing audience. With the deal set to bring on many viewers to the Zingo TV platform, the company wanted to enhance their infrastructure to give its subscribers the best possible viewing experience. Streaming Global’s delivery technology was a perfect fit. Implementing the technology into Zingo TV’s streaming pipeline allows for the platform to deliver low-delay streams at World Cup scale.

Zingo TV Co-Founder, John Estiva said, “We’re thrilled to bring in the Streaming Global technology as our delivery partner. With them, we’ll be able to provide our viewers with an even better experience and continue to focus on content.”

Streaming Global’s technology delivers streams directly to cloud storage servers. The process eliminates the unnecessary parts of the conventional pipeline to allow the benefits of low delay, high scale and low cost of delivery for live, linear, OTT and VOD streaming platforms. For the industry, this is a huge step to continue to grow the industry for the Internet as it is today. Live sports continue to see latency times up to 75 seconds behind the action. For Zingo TV, it will be at the forefront of showcasing the possibilities with the Streaming Global delivery technology. Together, the two companies will be setting the new standard for live stream delivery.

About ZingoTV: ZingoTV, available for iOS, Android, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and other popular platforms, offers an exciting line-up of live sports, highlights and unique content. The ZingoTV Sports Package features a diversified, digital-first focus on underserved sports and leagues, with a diverse fan base, and active social media engagement, on the lookout for the next big thing. Ranging from mainstream leagues with established legacies, to niche upstarts breaking new ground, ZingoTV offers exciting sports content for every sports fan.

About Streaming Global: Streaming Global has reinvented the way live streaming is delivered making it ideal for streaming 24/7 OTT channels and live events with single and multi-stream content. The Streaming Global patented and patent-pending technology turns any simple cloud storage server into an ultra-fast live-streaming server, without installing any additional software on the server. This enables live, linear, OTT, social, and VOD streaming with global scalability over existing cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and private/custom clouds.

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