Outpatient Rehabilitation via Telehealth with Motus Home Robots Provides a Way Forward for Millions

Millions of patients in America have been denied access to outpatient care resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Medicare coverage for telehealth with Motus devices is now allowing patients to regain access to healthcare. With changes in coverage, Physical Therapists (PTs) and Occupational Therapists (OTs) are providing care remotely using The Motus Home Hand and Foot Mentor devices and are reimbursed for the same CPT codes used during in-person clinical visits. For most patients, co-pays are also waived reducing out of pocket costs.

The Motus devices allow PTs and OTs to conduct rehabilitation remotely with patients without physical contact or infection risk. Similar to Da Vinci Robotic Systems for surgeons, the Hand and Foot Mentors are robotic devices controlled by the therapist from a remote location and act as the hands, ears and eyes of the therapist to help evaluate  the needs of their patients. PTs and OTs are then able to monitor movement and provide skilled interventions through the devices. In real time, PTs or OTs can diagnose movement limitations stemming from impairments in dexterity, range of motion, and strength.

Clinicians are conducting skilled telehealth sessions with the device twice a week on average. To maximize patient care, clinicians are also assigning therapeutic exercises for patients to complete with the guidance of the device’s AI on days without telehealth visits. 

Motus Home Mentor devices are FDA Class I devices currently used in over 200 hospitals and clinics in the United States. To conduct reimbursable Telehealth with Motus devices, licensed PTs and OTs need to complete a two-hour remote training program with the Motus Home Hand and Foot Mentor systems. For more information and how to participate in telehealth rehabilitation, stroke survivors and clinicians can visit https://motusnova.com/telehealth/ or contact (844) 668-8766.

About Motus Nova LLC
Motus Nova, Latin for “Movement Anew”, was established in 2013 with the aim of making healthcare robotics more accessible for people. Today our devices are used in over 200 clinics and hospitals around the United States. We seek to close the gap in treatment access by placing our robotic devices powered by advanced AI directly in the home for superior clinic-quality telemedicine. The Motus Home Hand Mentor and Foot Mentor are always available on demand, allowing our users to take charge of their own recovery at up to five times faster and a fraction of the cost of conventional stroke therapy. For more information, visit https://motusnova.com/ or follow Motus Nova on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.