Piana Technology Partners with Covenant House Georgia To Give Georgia Youth a Soft Place to Land

Piana Technology, the 439-year-old textile company known for fiber and nonwoven textiles innovation, is donating 117 mattress toppers to Covenant House Georgia, a nonprofit organization providing shelter, food and immediate crisis care to housing youth who are experiencing homelessness and escaping trafficking. This charitable contribution comes on the heels of Covenant House’s 50-year anniversary celebration and arrives at the conclusion of Pride Month, amplifying the organization’s much-needed services and long-term commitment to our most vulnerable populations. Piana Technology hopes that refreshed mattress toppers—powered by E/SMART™ Fiber technology—will provide an exceptional quality of sleep for youth who have been displaced.

Piana’s E/SMART™ mattresses are a technological achievement; non-toxic and odor-free with reduced weight, superior compressional and thermal resistance, and part of the Piana  E/SMART™ Ecosystem. At the end of life, these toppers can be 100% reclaimed, molded with the latest bedding technology, and reintroduced to a new generation of Covenant House Georgia youth at their most urgent stage of need.

“We are so grateful for this donation to refresh and renew the bedrooms available to youth in need,” said Dr. Alie Redd, executive director of Covenant House Georgia. “Beyond the immediate need, we are excited about the renewable future of these toppers in Piana’s circular model. They will provide a good night’s sleep for decades.”

“Everybody deserves a safe and comfortable place to sleep,” said Andrea Piana, CEO of Piana Technology. “Community involvement is a fundamental component of who we are. It is not enough to simply create technological advancements for those who can afford luxury, we must also volunteer resources where we can provide the most impact in our communities.”

Partnership is key to establishing the future Piana Technology is building toward; a vision of People, Planet and Purpose. Piana’s responsibility is the creation of sustainable, empathetically-driven solutions within an ever-improving circular economy. Creating accessible technology moves the needle on important issues, as the world we envision becomes increasingly reachable.

About Piana Technology:

The Piana family’s roots began in the textile business in 1582 in Biella, Italy before evolving to develop novel solutions in its industry, starting with traditional textile dyeing in 1950 and the opening of their first American factory in Cartersville, Georgia in 1995. Today, Piana Technology is a multinational company tackling common problems with uncommon solutions with nonwovens, digital printing, and fiber treatments. Piana makes the hidden technology behind many everyday consumer products—from automotive to home furnishings—replacing conventional materials with socially and environmentally responsible technologies.

About Covenant House:

Covenant House Georgia is a subsidiary of Covenant House International, the largest, privately funded nonprofit service organization serving young people experiencing homelessness in the Americas. Covenant House Georgia has been providing food, shelter, counseling, education and vocational training to homeless, runaway, and trafficked youth in the Greater Atlanta area since 2000. For more information on special events, accomplishments, services and volunteer opportunities, please visit Covenant House Georgia’s website at www.covenanthousega.org or contact us at 404.589.0163.