PodBooking – A New Social Network – is Here

On November 1, 2020 the coolest place on the internet for the Podcasting Professional launched on Pod-Booking.com.

Founded by Daniela Garcia a Cuban-American entrepreneur, Podbooking is determined to be the industry focused social network the podcasting community desperately needs. With policies very similar to that of LinkedIn, (i.epolitics free zones and industry initiatives) PodBooking aims to take Podcasting to new heights by connecting Hosts with not only potential guests for their show but also potential sponsors, editors, networks, software’s, media buyers and many more!

The growth of Podcasting has been faced with a continuous problem which is the lack of organization within the community as a whole. It’s just as difficult for brands and agencies to find podcasts that are connecting with their desired audience as it is for the hosts to find the brands who see value in their audience.

Not for long.

PodBooking aims to be the resource that streamlines the inevitable growth of Podcasting through curated discussions, live events/webinars, and of course a sleek streamlined platform that is not filled with political discourse, family pictures, or frienemies from high school.

Beta Testing began October 5th 2020 at 12:01 EST

Official launch was November 1st, 2020  12:01 EST