Primrose Schools® Launches Video Series Focused on Social-Emotional and Character Development

It is not unusual for Primrose parents to hear after-school tales of Erwin®, Benjamin® or Katie® from their children. These are not classmates; they are a few of the twelve Primrose Friends puppets embedded into Primrose Schools proprietary Balanced Learning® curriculum, each portraying a different positive character trait such as friendship, generosity and cooperation. Today, Primrose Schools is bringing key curriculum lessons to life with the launch of Primrose Friends for Life, a free educational video series available to all. Parents can watch alongside their children in this ongoing video series to reinforce positive social-emotional skills as a family.

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“For decades, Primrose Schools has utilized puppetry in the classroom to infuse character development lessons and help enhance creativity, increase collaboration and communication skills, and support positive social-emotional development,” said Dr. Lauren Starnes, Vice President of Early Childhood Education Research and Development. “Young children learn better through play-based learning and now through this video series, we are able to replicate pieces of the classroom learning experience, bringing it into family’s homes.”

The first five years provide an important foundation to a child’s future success, as the brain develops more rapidly during these formative years than any other point in a person’s life, forming 700 new neural connections every second. As early as six months old, babies begin to show signs of empathy, making the nurturing of social-emotional skills even more important from birth. Imaginative play helps children make sense of the world, solve problems, learn to regulate their emotions, and develop their voices and opinions while bolstering their self-esteem. This is why Primrose Schools developed and embedded the Primrose Friends puppets into the core of the Balanced Learning® curriculum. This purposeful approach to play helps young children learn faster and retain what they learn.

“Who children become is just as important as what they know. That’s why character lessons taught by our Primrose Friends are embedded throughout our curriculum – so that we can reinforce these important lessons as early as possible,” said Jo Kirchner, CEO of Primrose Schools. “The pandemic has inspired us to find a way to share Primrose Friends beyond our walls to act on our mission to forge a path to a brighter future for all children. There has never been a more important time for families everywhere to have access to all that Primrose Friends can teach them.”

Every month, new videos will be released for families and their children to watch together at home and learn, providing early learning experiences that nurture Active Minds, Healthy Bodies and Happy Hearts® in young children and help foster social-emotional skills that will influence children’s development for life. The video series and other educational resources are available to all – visit and watch the Primrose Friends for Life trailer to lean more.

About Primrose Schools®

Primrose Schools is the leader in providing premier early education and care to children and families in the United States. Founded in 1982, there are more than 400 Primrose schools in 32 states today. Each school is independently owned and operated by Franchise Owners who partner with parents to help children build the right foundation for future learning and life. Primrose believes who children become is as important as what they know. The Primrose-exclusive Balanced Learning® approach is created from the best early education wisdom and balances purposeful play with nurturing guidance from teachers to encourage curiosity, creativity, confidence and compassion. For more information, visit, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, explore our blog, sign up for our Pointers for Parents emails and find a Primrose school near you.

The Primrose Friends help bring Primrose Schools exclusive Balanced Learning® curriculum to life to help nurture Active Minds, Healthy Bodies and Happy Hearts®.
The Primrose Friends for Life video series brings the same lessons and purposeful play found in every Primrose classroom to a screen near you.
Katie® the Cat is one of the Primrose Friends, helping teach lessons in cooperation, sharing, and important life skills.