Profisee Continues Momentum with Board Appointment of Growth Software Company Veteran Dave Kellogg

Profisee, a leading enterprise data management software company, announced today that Dave Kellogg, Silicon Valley executive, independent board member and consultant has been appointed as a Profisee board member.  Mr. Kellogg brings unique perspective on software company challenges with over 10 years experience at each of the CMO, CEO, and board levels across ten different enterprise software companies, ranging in size from $0M to over $1B in revenues.  Mr. Kellogg’s varied roles as CEO of cloud enterprise performance management vendor Host Analytics, CEO at NoSQL database provider MarkLogic, SVP/GM of Service Cloud at and CMO at Business Intelligence innovator Business Objects are all marked by some common characteristics – they are rapid growth companies that have disrupted and reshaped their respective industries.

Said Mr. Kellogg, “I love disruption through innovation and the market-changing value that can be brought by the right company at the right time.  I believe the challenges that companies face in connecting and managing all their data have never been greater, but traditional companies are not serving this market particularly well. I believe Profisee has the opportunity to ‘do it right’ and bring master data management to a much broader audience and address some of the core challenges of the digital age.”

“At Profisee, we not only invest in our product and our customers, but also in bringing together the best minds in the industry,” said Len Finkle, CEO of Profisee.  “Dave Kellogg has an enviable track record of driving and nurturing innovative companies that went on to have a significant impact on the evolution of their respective markets.  He knows what it’s like to be a disruptive force in delivering customer value, and those are the sort of people we want on the Profisee team.”  Finkle further comments, “It is gratifying that Profisee continues to attract the best and brightest.  It is a testament to the market opportunity they see, and the product and team we have already built.”

At a time when enterprise data volumes continue to explode, the need to connect and manage core data assets across systems has never been greater, yet the master data management market remains historically under-penetrated.  Said Mr. Finkle, “At Profisee, we believe we are at an inflection point in the master data management market.  The big, old, expensive solutions have run their course and newer, more flexible, more streamlined and easier to implement solutions are taking their place.  This is our vision, and we believe we have the right product and team to deliver on that vision,”

About Profisee

Profisee is a leading enterprise data management company that makes it easy and affordable for any size organization to build a trusted data foundation. Profisee’s unique, Fast Track Your Data Management approach allows companies to accelerate their digital business strategies with enterprise data management capability.

Profisee serves the 90% of organizations yet to adopt an enterprise master data management (MDM) platform by offering the first “Fast, Affordable, and Scalable” solution.  Customers no longer need to choose between cost, performance and speed.  No matter where an organization is on their data management journey, Profisee helps them get started or accelerate their path forward.  Customers have the freedom to choose their deployment, with the flexibility to deliver on premise, in the cloud, or via a hybrid model.

Profisee’s unique Total Cost of Ownership model continues to lead the MDM industry, resulting in a highly referenceable and passionate customer base.  Follow us on LinkedIn or visit