ProNovos Chosen by GLY as Long-Term Enterprise Partner for Construction Data Analytics

One of the top contracting firms in the Pacific Northwest has chosen ProNovos as its enterprise partner for construction data analytics.

GLY Construction formalized its relationship with ProNovos by signing a multiyear partnership agreement with the Atlanta-based tech startup, said Bruce Orr, ProNovos’ Founder and Chief Data Scientist. “With a 53-year track record in Puget Sound, locally owned GLY makes smart use of technology to manage complexity, create value and mitigate risk,” Orr said. “We’re gratified that GLY is as bullish as we are about the power of construction data analytics to further advance those goals.”

“Over the past four years, the IT department at Bellevue, Washington-based GLY has stress-tested ProNovos’ cloud-based data analytics platform as part of an initiative to streamline the company’s labor-reporting process and glean new insights into its operations,” said Joe Bonacci, CFO of GLY.

“We now do all of our weekly labor reporting through ProNovos, and our project teams are using the platform to forecast labor, determine productivity rates and claim quantities, hours and costs,” Bonacci said. “With respect to accuracy, ProNovos is superior to semimanual, spreadsheet-based approaches, which can be error-prone as a result of data-entry mistakes and broken formulas.”

In any given year, the CFO said, GLY completes anywhere from 80 to 120 projects. Examples, to name a few, include the Rufus 2.0 Block 21 Amazon HQ expansion in Seattle’s Denny Triangle neighborhood; the six-phase FutureCare expansion of Overlake Medical Center in Bellevue; and Vulcan, Inc.’s Google-anchored mixed-use project in Seattle.

In addition to labor-reporting, GLY has partnered with ProNovos on data initiatives related to equipment-management and general ledger, said Andy Hough, IT Director of GLY. “We’re now using ProNovos as our corporate dashboard,” he said. “Bruce and his team are advising us as we build out our data warehouse and ramp up our data-cleanliness. By integrating more data streams into ProNovos’ analytics engine, GLY will be able to make better decisions in the office and the field.”

Moving forward, the award-winning contractor will use ProNovos as the foundation for its efforts to revamp key internal systems and processes; in addition, a mobile app will give GLY’s teams greater access to the platform. As Orr sees it, GLY is at the forefront of the data revolution in construction. “As evangelists for construction data analytics,” he said, “we’re excited to partner with this innovative and experienced contractor.”

About ProNovos
ProNovos provides cloud-based business intelligence solutions and services that empower contractors to find new opportunities, make better decisions, save money and reduce risk. Founded in 2014, the Atlanta-based operations-management and data-analytics firm focuses exclusively on the specific needs of the construction industry. This actionable intelligence is accessible anywhere, anytime by superintendents, project managers, accountants, estimators, c-suite executives and other decision-makers. For more on ProNovos, visit

About GLY Construction
Rooted in the Pacific Northwest culture of innovation and creativity, GLY is one of the most respected locally owned general contractors, celebrating 50 years in 2017. Projects span a wide range of markets, and the firm is known for adapting thoughtfully and purposefully, building on a strong foundation of smart technology, integrated delivery, LEAN practices and responsible sustainability. Collaborative teams have a diverse skill set comprised of design, engineering, architecture, construction management and strong field technical capabilities. For more on GLY Construction, visit

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