R3M3MB3R Keyword Search For Your Calls Launching at CES 2020

R3M3MB3R.com will be launching its keyword search platform for mobile calls at CES from January 7 – 11, Booth #52754 in Eureka Park.

Ask anyone who has ever needed to remember what was said on a call and they’ll tell you how much of a pain it is listening through hours of calls to find that one important snippet of a conversation.

R3M3MB3R automatically transcribes calls from speech-to-text, providing users with keyword search for all conversations made via mobile phone …

Who Is R3M3MB3R for? Journalists and podcasters doing interviews, negotiators, attorneys, adjusters, etc needing to document verbal commitments; and business or consumer simply needing to document and record what was said on a mobile call.

R3M3MB3R Benefits:

–  No more listening to hours of boring mp3s for a quote.  Simply type the keyword, and R3M3MB3R will instantly find the exact location in your audio transcript.

–  Affordable- $10 a month, and 10 Cents a minute.  No “corporate level, multi-user IVR” account required.

–  Cloud-based call transcription means your call data is safe if you lose/damage your phone.

R3M3MB3R Privacy:  R3M3MB3R provides keyword search functionality in each user’s secure, private, searchable call library.

“We are excited to provide all businesses big and small, as well as consumers the same robust, cloud-based enterprise level call transcription and keyword search functionality that until now has only been available to large corporations.”  Mark Russell, CEO

Free Month Trial: For a limited time, R3M3MB3R is offering a Free Month trial.  www.R3M3MB3R.com/FreeMonth

Journalist/Podcaster Special Offer:  If you’re a journalist or podcaster, we want to give you extra time to try R3M3MB3R during the free month trial.  Stop by or email us at  [email protected] and we will send you an invite for extended minutes to use during your free month.

Also, see our CES press kit: http://ces.vporoom.com/R3M3MB3R.

About R3M3M3B3R:
Inventor Mark Russell felt like crying when he updated from Android 8 to 9 Pie and had his beloved call recording app updated into non-functional oblivion.  The nature of his business necessitated a call recording solution and so he went to work on one. With his software development background, he designed the cloud-based call recording, transcription, and keyword search platform of his dreams and R3M3MB3R was born!

Debuting for the first time at CES 2020 Eureka Park Booth #52754

Media Contact
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Mark Russell | Media Relations | support@R3M3MB3R.com | 323-R3M3MB3R (323-736-3623)