Razrwing’s Augmented Reality App And Streaming Game To Debut Late-2020

Razrwing Inc., an augmented reality retail company, announces that its highly anticipated augmented reality retail game featuring the “Hydra” dragon avatar will be available by the end of 2020 for consumers from the company’s new R Brand  line. Razrwing’s game technology will apply augmented reality with mixed reality to deliver rich storytelling activated through it’s dedicated apparel and accessories line of products. Characters and avatars, including “Hydra”, and storylines will come to life through the use of an smartphone or tablet app that allows users to scan Razrwing apparel and accessories to interact with in the real-world.

“We first debuted ‘Hydra’ and promoted the novel idea of augmented reality apparel back in 2015. At the time, many did not understand the significance of the idea or how the interactive experience with apparel would work. We continue to be ahead of the curve as the first story-based gaming apparel and accessories collection that brings characters and stories to life through our unique augmented reality and mixed reality gaming mechanics. We are excited to at last launch the Hydra game we have been building by the end of this year,” said Gian Ruggeri, CEO and Director of Operations for Razrwing, Inc.

Razrwing’s story-based apparel and accessories are based on original stories and characters and the stories are themed in aggression, obsession, seduction, and attention. No motion controllers will be needed to interact with the augmented and mixed reality gaming characters. Instead, the only technology required is a viewing device, such as a smartphone or tablet, where users will scan other Razrwing apparel products. Those products will then begin to interact with each other using augmented and mixed reality through the user’s devices which will determine if the interaction is hostile, friendly, or neutral. The final game objective is a points based strategy or a seasonal group objective.

Razrwing is working with KCS Technologies in a partnership deal to build an augmented reality streaming game for the beginning of Razrwing’s augmented reality retail game by the end of 2020.

The Razrwing app to play with the ‘Hydra’ will be available on Android and iOS platforms for smartphones or tablets and on Razrwing’s streaming game channel available through Roku, Amazon Fire, or on Couchpotatoflix.com. The expected availability date is late 2020. To bring the game storylines to life, the augmented reality and mixed reality technology is created through 3D modeling, animation, interactive gaming, and avatar storytelling.

An additional partner of Razrwing is Black Tie Media LLC. Exclusive merchandise partners include Midas Clothing and Icon Fashions. Local Atlanta, Georgia locations for Midas Clothing include the North Lake Mall in Atlanta and locations for Icon Fashions include Sugarloaf Mills in Lawrenceville.

Five Years ago A. R. TEAM was ahead of the curve

For more information, visit www.rskinevolves.com.