Resolute Software Introduces CI/CD 360 – a First-class Managed Continuous Integration and Delivery Solution

Resolute Software, a boutique digital modernization and software development consultancy firm, today unveiled CI/CD 360, its new managed services solution focused on helping enterprises on their DevOps transformation journey. Combining operational management and technical expertise in one package, CI/CD 360 offers customers continuous integration and delivery readiness assessment, CI/CD pipeline implementation, and comprehensive monitoring and optimization services.

The CI/CD 360 managed services solution is aimed at organizations looking to have their software delivery process managed by an experienced, high-skilled provider. It includes:

  • A study of the project systems, their core platform, as well as dependencies
  • A proposal on the appropriate toolset based on project nature and business needs
  • Expert consulting in cloud services vendors, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, etc.
  • Design of end-to-end solutions for code integration, delivery, and deployment
  • Solution components set-up, such as build servers
  • End-to-end infrastructure set-up based on Primary/Secondary nodes
  • Build pipeline creation, as well as the introduction of isolated build environments
  • Launch of managed, cloud-based automation services and build scripts set-up
  • Consulting in finding the appropriate deployment target based on project specifications, which includes cost-effectiveness, reliability, and scalability

“Our goal at Resolute Software is to enable our clients to create software in the most efficient, accurate, and secure manner possible,” explained Sean Garguilo, Chief Revenue Officer, Resolute Software. “With CI/CD 360, we will develop, implement, and maintain a prescriptive continuous integration and continuous delivery process that ensures this.”

Resolute Software assumes an ongoing responsibility to monitor, manage, and resolve any issues that may arise:  

  • Build servers and environments maintenance
  • Access management in automation servers and environments
  • All-around tech maintenance
  • Critical security updates
  • Log analysis and systems’ health checks
  • Clean-up build environments, deployment cycles optimization

Learn more about the CI/CD 360 managed services solution.

About Resolute Software

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