RGB CustomPC LLC of Plano, TX Partners with Veterans Gaming & Mental Health Mission (VGMH)

RGB CustomPC, LLC and VGMH announced today that they have entered into a partnership. This collaboration will enhance VGMH’s outreach and support of mental health and well-being of Veterans through gaming.

The RGB CustomPC-VGMH collaboration combines access to gaming technology and hardware with Veteran’s wellness and mental health. RGB CustomPC is a gaming computer systems’ integrator and VGMH is a 501(c)3 nonprofit whose mission is to save lives by proactively providing support systems and crisis intervention resources to Veterans struggling with MST/PSTD and other traumas.

“VGMH grew out of Kairi’s personal story. She discovered that gaming and streaming allowed her to be herself, connect to others, and help them cope with their personal struggles,” said Holly Millay, co-founder and CEO of RGB CustomPC. “VGMH has pledged to help Veterans through their VGMH Lifeline program which has a goal of supplying one gaming PC per month to a Veteran or First Responder in need. We are happy to support the VGMH mission by providing PCs for their cause.”

RGB CustomPC is excited to support Veterans in this capacity and give back to those who have sacrificed for others.

“With our combined efforts, I truly believe that VGMH x RGB CustomPC can make significant changes in the lives of Veterans for the better,” Kairi said. She continued to say, “I am SO excited and very grateful that RGB CustomPC took the time to collaborate with us and our mission. Being a hand up for our Veterans in need is being made possible in a big way through this Partnership!”

About RGB CustomPC

RGB CustomPC believes gaming should be fun and accessible to everyone. Skilled technicians assemble and test PCs in their facilities in Plano, TX. Customers can choose from countless options and configurations online, knowing their PC will be built by experts. PCs are able to be picked up in store, or shipped directly anywhere in the world. Consultative services are offered to assist customers in creating the PC of their dreams.