RockitBoost™ Revolutionary Influencer Marketing Platform Takes Flight

RockitBoost™, today announced the launch of their flagship product – a low-cost, easy-to-use influencer marketing platform designed for brands, influencers, and agencies. The innovative solution empowers brands and online sellers to quickly and easily share their product campaigns with influencers of all types, sizes, and niches.

RockitBoost is revolutionary because the influencers come to the businesses, so brands don’t have to search for the right influencer, figure out how to contact them, convince them to collaborate, and then manage content approvals, results, and payments. Brands set their own commission rate on their products, as well as any caps on campaigns. RockitBoost is also rare in that it is performance-based, meaning businesses only pay for sales or traffic to their website instead of likes and comments, which can’t be monetized by a business. At only five minutes per product to set up, RockitBoost takes minimal time while generating maximum results.

Influencers benefit as well, being able to shop the RockitBoost Marketplace of products to collaborate on, with the commission they will make clearly listed on each product. Payments to influencers are also guaranteed by RockitBoost, which is extraordinary in this industry. There is no limit to the number of influencers a brand can work with or number of products an influencer can promote. Whereas sometimes influencers with a small number of followers can’t break into the industry, RockitBoost welcomes all.

For marketing agencies that offer influencer services, the biggest challenges are finding and communicating back and forth with influencers and dealing with possible influencer fraud in number and quality of followers. The platform solves both problems by giving agencies a free platform to easily manage their influencers, and by identifying lackluster performance by influencers.

“If companies are not collaborating with influencers today to create a mutually beneficial relationship, they are missing out on a key way of engaging with the right audiences in the right place and time.” said Lingbin Kong, Founder of RockitBoost. “We are proud to support small and medium businesses by being a low-cost platform that is intuitive to users. What used to take brands hours now takes minutes with RockitBoost.” For more detailed platform information, visit


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