RxSpark Launches Disruptive New Affiliate Program, Ignitor

The innovative prescription savings company, RxSpark today announced the launch of its Ignitor Partner Program.  At a time of economic difficulty, the RxSpark platform is ideally positioned to help consumers afford their medications, and give freelance reps and influencers a commission-based recurring revenue stream.  The affiliate program provides Ignitor Partners with the opportunity to harness their networks and earn commission by promoting RxSpark’s next generation pharmacy savings program.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused massive disruption, with millions of people now unemployed and uninsured. Many have lost their company sponsored health and pharmacy benefits as companies are forced to cut costs. Amid this turmoil, freelance reps are also feeling the pinch as their contracts are suspended or canceled.

RxSpark has created the Ignitor Partner Program, which is FREE to all freelance reps and influencers, and especially suitable for pharmacy, medical, dental and health reps and influencers with extensive networks of followers.  Also available in Spanish, the pharmacy savings program is accessible to an extensive range of communities.

The Ignitor Partner Program is ideally positioned for this difficult time, helping both reps and consumers.  RxSpark users can save up to 80% off their meds; and for freelance reps and influencers, it is a great way to develop and monetize their networks, which could earn them $40,000 plus a year.

RxSpark provides Ignitor Partners with:

    • A website and App in Spanish and English
    • Extensive marketing materials
    • Comprehensive sales training and support

Ignitor Partners can promote their RxSpark program to:

    • Friends and family
    • Existing networks
    • Medical professionals – doctors, dentists, clinics, etc.
    • Community groups – schools, churches, workplaces, gyms…

Ignitor affiliates earn whenever one of their connections buys a prescription and are incentivized through a performance-based tiered commission structure – 10% to 30% – with great potential for recurring revenue.

RxSpark has created a wide range of marketing material for Partners, including prescription savings cards, posters, a unique landing page, social media creatives, and much more. Check out the Ignitor Partner Opportunity video – https://www.rxspark.com/ignitor.

RxSpark is looking for enthusiastic and motivated sales representatives and influencers to promote the RxSpark program to individuals, community groups, networks, employers, and healthcare providers throughout the US.  Visit https://www.rxspark.com/ignitor to learn more about the affiliate program and apply to join the Ignitor Partner Program.

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