SKYNAV and Georgia Ports Authority Partner to Launch the First Virtual Tour of a United States Port

SKYNAV and the Georgia Ports Authority are proud to announce the launch of not only the very first virtual tour of a United States port but a tour of all three Georgia ports using advanced virtual and 3D technology. Visitors can now experience what it is like to enter any of the three Georgia Ports using high definition panoramic imaging, seamlessly from sky to ground, that creates a 360-degree world of interactive text and image galleries, video integrations, 2D and 3D maps.

SKYNAV‘s proprietary technology is designed to keep viewers engaged, improve click-through rates, and skyrocket ROI for their clients. As the first ports in the United States to use this unique technology; the Georgia ports of Savannah, port of Brunswick and port of Appalachian, have an advantage above any other US port.

Clients want to know how a specific service will work for them, and fit their needs in the most simple terms. By providing an immersive experience for potential commercial and international clients where they are provided with all of the information they need and a means to view it for themselves; the Georgia ports can secure higher engagement, sales, and rapport from their virtual visitors.

“We are super excited to partner with the Georgia Ports Authority to provide them with an immersive experience their sales team will have at their disposal. There are no other commercial ports in the United States that utilize SKYNAV technology, thus we are pleased Georgia Ports chose our platform.” Ty Downing, CEO SKYNAV.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of virtual tours is becoming imperative for many industries, including port authorities to conduct business amidst our new social distancing land-scape. The United States has more than 400 ports of entry around the nation; and using this new and exclusive technology is a massive step in the right direction for digital innovation to streamline the sales process for both commercial and international clientele.

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