Superior Essex Communications Releases First-of-Its-Kind Hybrid Indoor/Outdoor Cable

Today, Superior Essex Communications is pleased to announce the release of its I/O Riser 2×2 Hybrid cable for indoor/outdoor applications.

The I/O Riser 2×2 Hybrid cable is the first and only communications hybrid cable that is UL Wet Location listed; UL Direct Burial listed for the interlock armored version, and is UL listed for use in both Class 3 as well as Class 2 circuits.

The cable is ICEA 696 compliant for indoor and outdoor use, with dry water blocking technology in both the core and in the 2 mm simplexes. The two stranded conductors are insulated with a special PVC designed to meet requirements of the UL ‘wet location’ test and is available in 12, 14, and 16 AWG conductor sizes.

The I/O Riser 2×2 Hybrid can be used unarmored for standard indoor applications or with an interlock armor that makes it the only fiber cable that is also rated by UL for Direct Burial without conduit.

The two products, F3C4 (unarmored) and F1C4 (armored), both have a UL Sunlight Resistant rated PVC jacket, stranded annealed copper conductors, wet location PVC insulation, buffered optical fibers, water blocking dielectric aramid strength members, rip cord, as well as water blocking glass yarns. The F3C4 product is 0.33 in diameter while the F1C4 product adds the aluminum interlock armor that expands it to 0.64 in diameter.

Brian Ensign, Vice President of Demand Creation and Sales for Superior Essex Communications, said that this pioneering technology is a significant step for extending PoE technology past the 100 meter limit.

“There was a void in the market for expanding the use of fiber technology and this I/O Riser 2×2 Hybrid cable fills it,” he said. “It opens up a lot of possibilities as to what and where fiber products are capable of going and doing.

“For Superior Essex Communications it is an exciting continuation of disruptive technology in the marketplace, and one that we are pleased to be taking the leadership position on.”

The I/O Riser 2×2 Hybrid is another product in the PowerWise Fiber line of products that Superior Essex Communications has released. The PowerWise Fiber platform is cabling technology that allows for transmitting power and data over a single cable, offering the ability to optimize, customize, and connect any environment in order to meet the unique demands of enterprise.

About Superior Essex Communications

Superior Essex Communications is the leading manufacturer and supplier of communications cable in North America. It is on the forefront of innovation through Power over Ethernet, Intelligent Buildings and Cities, 5G Fiber infrastructure including Hybrid and Composite solutions, as well as technological advancements being made at its Product Development Center. Superior Essex Communications is also setting the pace on sustainability by being the first and only company with a Zero Waste to Landfill Certification at its Hoisington (KS) plant; the first wire and cable producer to contribute points to LEED certification, and the first to offer verified sustainable cables in over 50 products. Superior Essex Communications is Everywhere You Live and Work®. Additional information is available at