Tecsys Tackles Cost of Onboarding with a Zero-Training Pack-Check User Experience

Tecsys Inc. (TSX: TCS), an industry-leading supply chain management software company, today announced the release of its next generation pack-check user experience (UX), a refactored module in its flagship warehouse management system. With this release, Tecsys has taken the most flexible and advanced graphical UX on the market and elevated it to a near zero-training experience. This intuitive and rapidly adoptable UX equips warehouse operators with a means to onboard users at 100% compliance and 100% efficiency with a minimal ramp-up time.

“Tecsys is already recognized as having the most usable floor experience on the market,” says John Reichert, senior director, SCE solutions at Tecsys. “With this UX advancement, we’re upping the game once again to help tackle emerging supply chain dynamics and challenges.”

Tecsys’ innovative pack-check feature comes at a time when dynamic warehouse environments are more susceptible order volume fluctuations and higher customer expectations than ever before. There is less consumer appetite for errors or delays. Supply chain organizations are expected to be faster, more flexible and operate under more aggressive timelines. A reliable, experienced workforce is increasingly difficult to establish as the labor pool across the logistics industry tightens. Zero-training scenarios are providing warehouse operators the flexibility to adapt to demand spikes and seasonality without compromising operational latency.

“The best defense against labor shortages in an increasingly volatile supply chain ecosystem is a strategic offense,” explains Bill Denbigh, director of product marketing at Tecsys. “In a gig economy, setting yourself up to be able to onboard rotating or occasional staff quickly is a major competitive advantage.”

Unlike most warehouse management system UXs, the Tecsys pack-check UX builds on a user’s existing knowledge with mobile devices and mobile device workflows. By using technology and interfaces that are familiar to the user, the UX lets workers ‘just use the software’ without any need for specialized knowledge.

With zero-training functional usability playing a central role in Tecsys’ latest UX designs, this release is the first in a progressive refactoring across all of the Tecsys warehouse modules.

Tecsys will demonstrate the pack-check UX at MODEX 2020 in Atlanta from March 9-12 at booth 8061.

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