Texidi Launches App to Discover the IT Landscape and Jargon

IT has become an essential part of everyone’s life and business. However, there is still a big gap when it comes to fully understanding this field. Several studies at national and European level have also highlighted the shortage of technical profiles and the pressing need to find technical profiles to fill the growing demand.

Texidi tackles these issues with a fresh approach. It is the first mobile app to teach IT terms to non-tech profiles in a fun and interactive way. Texidi combines learning and gaming in one app. The app shows not only the possibilities of technology, but also gives an overview of the different jobs within the sector.

Users can put their knowledge to test and see how they stand out amongst their peers. There are different planets that you will be unlocking as you play, plenty of explanations and comparisons with real life to make it tangible.

“The goal of Texidi is to make IT understandable and fun at the same time. If you don’t understand the concepts, it may seem boring and difficult, but IT is actually a lot of fun” says Product Owner Filip Van Doninck. This first release is aimed at tech recruiters, those already involved in IT or curious about what this field can offer to them. In the near future, a version for children and teenagers will be available to reinforce the existing initiatives to bring IT education to their daily lives.

About Texidi: Texidi is a new initiative of Hackages, an EdTech company based in Brussels and Amsterdam, to support the learning of non-technical profiles. With blog posts, videos, podcasts between recruiters and developers and the new app, Texidi aims at bringing IT to the forefront for business profiles and those profiles who are curious to understand this world.