The Digital Track Finalizes Acquisition of Tech Startup Krios

The Digital Track recently announced the completion of its acquisition of Krios, a digital marketing company that uses cryptocurrency technology to fund and manage digital marketing projects.

In a recent interview on the James Crypto Bull YouTube Channel, The Digital Track’s CEO, Dwight Ringdahl, said the purchase of Krios would help springboard the business’ mission of disrupting the digital marketing space. Video Link

“The Krios project is interesting to me because it’s ad tech-based,” says Ringdahl. “The Krios project is unique to the industry and there are holes to be filled.”

Ringdahl, a serial entrepreneur and app developer, has over 25 years experience in software and hardware engineering, product development, advertising technology and advanced R&D. He is an accomplished executive and entrepreneur, building and selling several companies. He plans to use his lifetime of experience in the digital space to help bring Krios to the mainstream as an outsourcing tool for digital marketing agencies.

“There is definitely disconnect between talent and users of talent,” says Ringdahl. “If you go on Fiverr and other sites like that, there is a lot of good talent out there that is very well-priced, but nobody knows about it. The idea would be to take Krios and use it to help companies find that talent and outsource it.”

Dwight Ringdahl is available for interviews regarding the acquisition of Krios. To set up an interview, contact Dwight Ringdahl at [email protected].

About Dwight Ringdahl:

Dwight Ringdahl is a serial entrepreneur and a visionary who has helped tech companies launch and be successful since the mid-’80s. His current company, The Digital Track, helps auto dealerships use digital marketing solutions to help them sell more cars at lower prices. 

About Krios:

Krios is a decentralized affiliate network & campaign management platform built on modern technologies to help connect businesses seeking promotional and affiliation services with influencers and professionals who have relevant demographics and offer relevant services.

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