The StoneHill Group Introduces New Technology Solutions

The StoneHill Group, a national provider of quality control, due diligence, mortgage compliance audits, MERS reviews (MERS®) and loan fulfillment including underwriting, closing and post-closing services, announces the introduction of exciting new technology solutions at the MBA Annual Convention and Expo in Austin, TX on October 27th.

  • Mortgage Driver TM – Intelligent Visual Document Classification and Dynamic Data Extraction
  • LESTM SaaS – Intuitive Loan Evaluation Software for QC

Designed for Quality and Driven by Results, The StoneHill Group combines decades of industry experience with industry leading technology and innovation the mortgage industry demands.

To showcase our capabilities, we’re looking forward to sharing our new technology solutions at the upcoming MBA Annual Convention in Austin, TX.

Please be sure to visit us at Booth 1028, or schedule an appointment at [email protected], to learn more about Mortgage DriverTM, the next-gen visual document classification and data extraction tool we’ve developed with our friends at BeyondRecognition. We’re also developing HMDA DriverTM, an automated approach to validating critical HMDA compliance to your underlying loan documents.

Finally, we are introducing the SaaS version of our proprietary Loan Evaluation Software (LESTM). This highly tuned QC software application can support all your loan review needs, enabling the process from loan selection, to loan review and customizable dynamic reporting.

StoneHill President, Patrick Gluesing, shared “I’m excited to have the chance to work with John Martin and BeyondRecognition as we seek to incorporate leading edge technology and our vast experience to provide actual intelligence driven tech-enabled data solutions to our clients and industry partners.”

The Stonehill Group serves a wide range of clientele including mortgage lenders, mortgage servicers, banks, credit unions and housing finance authorities. For more information on the StoneHill Group, please visit or call 877.399.1936