TmrO Launch Reimagines the Freelancing Industry

TmrO, digital marketplace that connects the world’s most creative minds within the music, film and content creation industries, today announced its official national launch to market. The app facilitates daily commerce of creative services for businesses to book freelancers and resources for freelancers looking for work. Created by a dynamic, diverse team including music industry mogul, Don Cannon and partner Kayla Shelton, TmrO has long seen room for improvement in how freelancers and their clients conduct business. With the freelance industry exploding at a rapid pace in the United States, TmrO was built to revolutionize freelancing, an industry often unreliable, unpredictable, and prone to leaving hardworking professionals unpaid for the work they’re doing.

A true effort for the community by the community, TmrO has also launched a StartEngine campaign for those wanting to invest and own a piece of the company, via this link. Funds raised will be used to assist with the evolution and further buildout of the platform including new features being launched later this year.

“TmrO is rooted in the need to solve the challenges my peers and I faced as creators and freelancers in this new market landscape,” said Kayla Shelton, TmrO Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “With TmrO, we are looking to build a dedicated community that provides talented, creative professionals the opportunity to service their work and at the same time, enable businesses to find them quickly and efficiently.”

Designed with the consumer in mind, TmrO provides an easy to use interface that allows creatives to promote their talents and clients to easily find services that fit their companies’ needs for one seamless experience. TmrO provides unmatched flexibility and opportunities further differentiating the app from competitors, including quick payouts, offering a 48 hour payout period for freelancers ensuring quick, secure payment for services, and location-based opportunities offering the ability to hire freelancers both locally and in-person (in addition to remote workers). The ultimate goal of TmrO is to help bring together creatives and talent seekers with a powerful digital tool that is perfect for companies that need to build their team quickly and efficiently.

“Having worked in music and entertainment my entire career, I am consistently looking for creatives whether be graphic designers, models, producers to help with projects, oftentimes in a rush,” says Don Cannon, Chief Marketing Officer of TmrO. “I am excited to help bring to market a platform that directly connects the right businesses and talent together to quickly make magic happen.”

TmrO was founded by creative entrepreneurs to support the wellbeing of the global workforce, with a laser focus on what the new world of talent needs in order to thrive, who live by the motto of “helping, sharing, and solving problems.”

This spring, TmrO will launch the Instant Book feature, which will allow users to book based on current availability, proximity, and drive time. Then later in 2021, TmrO will launch their own TmrO Debit Card enabling creatives to get paid within seconds of project completion.

To learn more about TmrO, visit the website here.


TmrO is a digital marketplace that facilitates the hyperactive daily commerce of creative services with a focus on the industries of Music, Film and Content Creation. Put simply, it is a platform that both creative freelancers and those looking for freelancers use to find one another. It’s a rapidly growing company that is quickly becoming the top-of-the-line job marketplace for creative professionals.

TmrO is led by a dynamic, diverse executive team with meaningful experiences that offer a unique blend of expertise and understanding of how the creative market operates. Kayla Shelton (CEO) has done it all — from a record contract with Warner Brothers to a US patent for her own product (Leg Glove), and now as the visionary behind TmrO — she is well-suited to lead the TmrO team. Don Cannon (CMO) is a music industry mogul who has produced beats for the largest names in music — from Jay-Z and Tyler Perry to Lil Uzi Vert and Jack Harlow — among others. Don’s wide breadth of industry experience makes him uniquely qualified to grow the TmrO brand.