Toura Home Launches as New Self-Tour Service for Home Buyers, Sellers and Agents

Launching at Inman Connect, Toura Home is revolutionizing how buyers tour and access homes, just as the internet revolutionized the home search process.

Toura is the all-in-one, self-tour and online booking platform for home buyers, sellers and agents. Toura’s self-tour service provides the convenience buyers expect when touring homes and attracts sellers with the potential for more showings from verified buyers, leading to faster sales and higher prices. Self-tour helps agents stand out, while maximizing their time, commission and lead flow.

Toura works across brokerages, creating an open platform for verified buyers to tour homes listed for sale by different real estate brokers.

Toura also levels the playing field for agents and sellers looking for an innovative tool to compete with iBuyers and big portals that only offer self tour for properties owned or listed by their affiliated brokerage.

“Today’s buyers want convenience. When they find a home, they want to schedule a showing online, at a time that works for them,” says Toura co-founder Jeremy Gamble. “If they can tour it instantly, that’s even better. Toura makes that possible.”

Buyers can also schedule agent-assisted showings for properties in the MLS, even if they’re not available for self-tour.

Sellers see and approve showing requests, giving them insight and control. For vacant homes, sellers can enable instant access to avoid missing potential buyers. Identify verification adds a layer of safety to the self-tour process, giving sellers peace of mind.

For agents, Toura is a powerful tool to help win listings and close deals, thanks to improved buyer access, built-in safety, and the potential for more showings, faster sales and a higher price. It also increases the opportunity to earn both sides of the commission.

Toura works alongside the MLS, rather than trying to disrupt it. “Toura doesn’t force agents or sellers to choose between tried-and-true MLS listings or a flashy, new tool,” adds Gamble. “With Toura, buyers can tour with an agent or on their own with self-tour. This allows sellers to appeal to traditional buyers and tech-savvy DIY buyers.”

How Toura works:

Buyers complete a quick, identity verification process, then schedule tours online. Once a tour is approved, Toura sends access credentials for self-tour homes or arranges for an agent to be there.

Self-tour is available on select homes, where the listing agent and seller have an agreement with Toura. While Toura is free for buyers, there is a monthly subscription fee for agents.

Toura’s proprietary system leverages a combination of identity verification, an integrated, digital lockbox, a text communication system and property search application.

Toura works in any market, though the full capabilities with MLS integration is currently available in Atlanta, Dallas, Central and South Florida.


Raeann Kane
[email protected]