UCBOS Joins MarkLogic’s Alliance Partner Program

UCBOS Inc.’s proprietary platform “Unified Commerce Business Optimization System™” is an AI-enabled, no-code business execution platform with complete digital integration, optimization, and orchestration features established on the principles of 100% No-Code, 100% Metadata, and 100% NoSQL technologies. The goal of UCBOS™ is to introduce a unified platform using MarkLogic’s data hub technology that will empower a multifaceted team to innovate and accelerate digital transformation.

UCBOS™ is a game-changing composable enterprise business platform with a best-in-class delivery model uniquely positioned to empower enterprises to achieve total digital transformation and enable IT and business teams to contribute towards shared objectives without any coding at an enterprise scale.

UCBOS™ is built with the integration intelligence, machine learning, and business execution systems required to bring a competitive business advantage to its Manufacturing, Distribution, eCommerce, 3PL, Retail, CPG, Airline, FMCG, Pharmaceutical, and Healthcare customers.

MarkLogic is a leading provider of data integration and data management software. The MarkLogic Data Hub Platform allows enterprise customers to integrate, curate, and access their data to run operational and analytical applications at a large scale and in any environment – self-managed or fully managed as a cloud service. The platform is built on MarkLogic Server, a multi-model database that has embedded machine learning capabilities. The rich features of MarkLogic augment UCBOS™’s ability to build rich features that further enable enterprise customers to develop composable business functions, all in a No-Code Metadata Platform.

We’re really excited for this partnership, bringing MarkLogic’s class-leading data integration technology and making it easily accessible through the UCBOS™ platform. It’s a good thing when our joint customers can get faster business results with less code,” said Jim Sears, Sr. Director of Alliance at MarkLogic.

About MarkLogic

Data integration is one of the most complex IT challenges, and our mission is to simplify it. The MarkLogic Data Hub is a highly differentiated data platform that eliminates friction at every step of the data integration process, enabling organizations to achieve a 360º view faster than ever. Organizations around the world trust MarkLogic to handle their mission-critical data, including six of the top 10 banks, five of the largest global pharmaceutical companies, six of the top 10 publishers, nine of the 15 U.S. government agencies, and many more. For more information, visit www.marklogic.com.

About UCBOS Inc.

UCBOS, Inc. is an Atlanta-based global technology firm with the mission to provide the world’s first “No-Code Enterprise Application Platform” and revolutionize the notion of the composable enterprise. Its vision is to simplify Business Orchestrations and AI/ML technologies for business, operations, and IT to adapt and transcend coding, industry, and business limitations. For more information, please visit https://www.ucbos.com/.

Press Contacts:

Ann Johey | Alliance Manager | [email protected] – Tel.: 1866 818 2267 (M)  | Follow UCBOS™ on LinkedIn and Twitter 

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