UL and AVAIL Partner to Improve Delivery of Sustainability Information to the AEC Industry

UL, the developer of SPOT®, today announced a partnership with AVAIL, an enterprise content management solution for design teams. AVAIL improves productivity of industry professionals by providing access to the vast amounts of digital content across an architecture engineering and construction (AEC) design firm’s network. This integrated approach for product sustainability data will enable users to access and manage product- and manufacturer- specific digital content, such as sustainability certifications, directly from UL’s SPOT integration with the AVAIL Marketplace.

This partnership enables users to streamline access to SPOT’s comprehensive sustainability data by leveraging AVAIL’s search and filtering functionality, increasing the quality of digital content delivered and saving users valuable time.

“We’re excited to work with our customers and UL to enable the next generation of information management,” said Randall Stevens, CEO of AVAIL. “Improved access and management of this information is critical to delivering an experience that is digital from end-to-end.”

UL’s SPOT, one of the largest sustainable product databases with more than 100,000 product families, found a natural fit with AVAIL, an innovative platform for AEC design firms seeking to manage and organize their different databases of content and file formats. Once implemented, this partnership will help meet the accelerating demand for effective and relevant delivery of specific information about products’ sustainability performance. Together, AVAIL and SPOT will provide the AEC community with a dependable, accurate source of data for products that have received third-party verification of their sustainability claims.

“Historically, sustainability content has been accessed from disparate sources and managed with inefficient manual processes. Thanks to the UL SPOT and AVAIL partnership, AEC professionals will be able to efficiently manage and use important sustainability data in their digital project workflows, saving time and resources,” said Alberto Uggetti, vice president and general manager for UL’s Environment and Sustainability division.

AVAIL will be exhibiting and presenting at the annual Digital Built Environment Institute (DBEI) Conference https://www.dbeinstitute.org/events/ July 18th-20th, 2019, in Seattle, Washington.

You can find more about AVAIL at getavail.com and UL’s SPOT at spot.UL.com.

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AVAIL is quickly gaining recognition among architectural firms as the software of choice for managing Building Information Modeling (BIM) content. Spun-out of ArchVision, a provider of photo-realistic content, AVAIL leveraged its industry expertise to address the growing problem of digital asset management. Our unique solution is why industry leaders like Gensler, Dialog, Leo A Daly and WATG have adopted our Software-as-a-Service platform to help their teams create and manage successful architectural designs. To learn more about us, visit getavail.com.

Michelle Press
PR Manager, UL
[email protected]