Verde Leaf™ Signs Deal with TRACE for Supply Chain Traceability Services

Verde Leaf, one of the nation’s rising vertically integrated industrial hemp companies, has partnered with Trace, a leading tracking solution for the industrial hemp business. This move is set to scale operations, manage traceability in its supply chain and support the company’s aggressive growth.

The collaboration between Trace, the US’s most advanced soil-to-shelf tracking solution for traceability and supply chain monitoring technology is certain to redefine supply-chain visibility in the hemp industry and agro-industry at large alongside Verde Leaf™.

The widely publicized failures within the current systems deployed in the United States have slowed growth in the industry and have hindered regulator’s efforts to properly oversee the process, further complicating expansion into additional markets. As more states pass adult-use legislation the need for creating a properly functioning tracking and regulatory system that can scale in security, volume and complexity without affecting performance becomes paramount.

Trace leverages the power of Ethereum-based blockchain technology to secure crucial information and remove the potential for altering accurate information, all while enhancing public and regulatory trust. Whereas blockchain uses encryption to guarantee the immutability of transactions, Verde Leaf™ leverages Trace’s technology to guarantee the uniqueness of product identity. In parallel, centralized processing of serialized unique ID’s allows for massively scalable performance.  Trace works alongside government and commercial entities to empower consumer confidence, drive operational performance, and lay the technological infrastructure for the emerging hemp and cannabis industries.

The partnership between Trace and Verde Leaf™ combines the best of both paradigms moving forward: both government and private sector alike will have access to unparalleled security, monitoring, and insight into their hemp supply chains.

“We are excited to bring Trace’s proprietary technology to Verde Leaf™’s which will bring scalable traceability to the hemp industry,” said Joshua Decatur, CEO of Trace. “Trace isn’t just another MRP system. We have been on the forefront for a couple years now and We set out to address the consensus opinion that existing solutions were subpar, hindered private market growth and complicated regulators’ lives. At the end of the day, it’s consumers that suffer the consequences. We look forward to continuing our mission of bringing truth and transparency to Verde Leaf™ supply chain.” Dr. Jackson Garth, VP, Sales & Marketing of Verde Leaf™, chose TRACE only after a thorough evaluation. “We thoroughly researched TRACE and required a set of scenarios to test their scalability, their ability to integrate into partner systems including point-of-sale, as well as support and training capabilities,” Garth said. “They delivered on every benchmark and impressed us with their responsive enterprise-level capabilities – we’re confident it’s the perfect fit for Verde Leaf™.”

About Verde Leaf™

Verde Leaf™ is one of the hemp industry’s first vertically integrated hemp companies that created solutions for the farmer, business owners, and consumers. We solve some of the critical challenges in the emerging hemp industry by assisting farmers with license acquisition, hemp cultivation and processing, and filling the knowledge gap with our network of seasoned hemp farmers and specialists across the Southeast. Moreover, by securing exclusive contracts with farmers, Verde Leaf™ ensures that hemp products sold to consumers have unprecedented clarity, consistency, and data available for products they are purchasing. By controlling our supply chain seed-to-sell, Verde Leaf gives customers assurance and confidence in the superior quality of our consumable and non-consumable product lines.

About Trace

Trace delivers soil-to-shelf supply chain transparency through our custom-fit software solutions that are homegrown in cannabis. With our industry-tested product development and blockchain-enabled data integrity, Trace works alongside government and commercial entities to empower consumer confidence, drive operational performance, and ultimately speak truth to flower. For more information visit