Watchdog Capital Announces Securities Offering Platform

Watchdog Capital announces Gladius, a new securities offering platform. Watchdog Capital is focused on the intersection of digital securities and traditional assets. The firm recognizes the potential of distributed ledger technologies, Bitcoin, and related blockchain applications to modernize and improve the global securities market.

Watchdog Capital is a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission registered broker-dealer and a member of FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc). The aim of the Gladius platform is to facilitate capital formation by connecting investors and issuers for exempt securities offerings including Reg D, Reg A, and Reg CF.

The Gladius platform allows issuers of securities to post their offerings and list their offerings for sale and allows investors to invest in those offerings. The fundraising is compatible with a variety of securities including startups to mature businesses and in industries ranging from technology and blockchain financial services to retail, gaming, real estate, and other industries.

The Gladius platform handles much of the backend and logistics work for issuers and creates a seamless process for investors. By facilitating the movement of capital, more opportunities could be created for investors and for companies to attract those investors.  Watchdog Capital has worked to build a platform that is compliant with existing regulations while also embracing new advances in technology, such as in the areas of securities tokens, blockchain, and distributed ledgers. The firm recognizes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as money. Watchdog Capital believes that compliance with securities regulations can be compatible with decentralized and distributed technology.

“Changes in the securities markets as well as developments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi and securities tokens are accelerating. There is convergence with the established securities industry and new decentralized technologies. Venture capital, investment banking and crowdfunding are also undergoing transformation. There is a great need for capital and business formation in the United States and many new securities structures, business models and business plans are emerging as the world is changing,” says Bruce Fenton who is registered with Watchdog Capital.

The platform is live in beta mode for prospective issuers and investors to review. There are no offerings live on the platform and the firm is not actively offering securities at this time.  Interested investors and prospective issuers are welcomed to inquire at

Email Contact: [email protected]