WorkLLama and Checkr Partner to Bring Efficiencies at Scale for Onboarding Talent

WorkLLama, technology provider of a total talent acquisition and engagement suite, announced that it has successfully partnered and is fully integrated and certified with Checkr, an AI-driven background check automation platform, to deliver a faster, more robust way to onboard talent. Together, our organizations will offer an integrated background check process for seamless, efficient onboarding and a superior, inclusive candidate experience. This will dramatically reduce time-to-hire and offer efficiencies at scale for staffing agencies and the enterprise.

The technology integrations dramatically reduce time-to-hire for staffing agencies and enterprises.

Checkr gives candidates insight into their records’ ETAs in real time, and modernizes the background check process, so that hiring can be accelerated. In fact, 98% of reports using Checkr’s Basic+ package complete within one hour. The platform, integrated with WorkLLama’s direct sourcing solution, means great transparency for candidates along their hiring journey. The collective goal is to offer a fairer experience for all candidates.

The integration will also extend to WorkLLama’s dynamic talent pools, meaning select groups can be both prescreened and background checked using predefined company packages, dramatically reducing time-to-fill for critical projects. That, combined with Checkr’s Continuous Checks, brings in automation to the curation process and helps reduce friction to on-demand staffing.

Sudhakar Maruvada, CEO and Founder of WorkLLama, shared: “We are pleased to partner with Checkr and their advanced background check technology to elevate the candidate journey for all talent and dramatically reduce time-to-hire for the enterprise. Our robust integration delivers a modernized mechanism to engage and onboard workers.”

About WorkLLama

WorkLLama is a total talent acquisition and engagement suite. Our platform harnesses the power of AI with a complete suite of applicant tracking system (ATS), customer relationship management (CRM) and direct sourcing tools to help companies build communities of highly engaged talent for all hiring needs. Visit us at Follow us on LinkedIn.

About Checkr

Checkr’s mission is to build a fairer future by designing technology to create opportunities for all. Established in 2014 and valued at $5 billion, Checkr builds people infrastructure for the future of work. We believe all candidates, regardless of who they are, should have a fair chance to work. That’s why we’ve designed a faster—and fairer—way to screen job seekers. Many of the fastest-growing businesses in the world use Checkr’s technology to easily initiate and review background checks. Our customers include Uber, Instacart, Netflix, Adecco, Airbnb, Coinbase and more than tens of thousands of customers from SMBs to Fortune 500 employers. We have the goal to work with our customers to unblock four million candidates in 2022. Join us in the effort to promote fair chances at and on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.