Worldnet Payments and ISVPay Partner to Deliver an End-to-End Solution Tailored for ISVs

Worldnet Payments, a trusted provider of omnichannel payment solutions for ISVs, will leverage ISVPay’s platform to offer expansive payment services to ISVs.

“The ISVPay processing platform coupled with Worldnet’s omnichannel gateway provides the tools and service that ISVs need to accelerate their payment acceptance capabilities and fundamentally transform their business”, said Sarah Adams, ISVPay’s SVP of Partner Development.

The partnership and delivery of products between Worldnet and ISVPay provides an end-to-end solution to meet the needs of today’s ISVs. The ISVPay Platform creates a streamlined onboarding process, coupled with the gateway solutions, delivering a unique offering that is tailored specific for ISVs.

“Our partnership with ISVPay provides flexibility to service the ever-changing requirements of our ISV partners”, said Conn Byrne, Worldnet Payments’ SVP of Sales. “The Worldnet Gateway caters to ISVs and integrations of all shapes and sizes across multiple verticals, we are delighted to have a partner in ISVPay who can match that from a processing perspective and help us achieve the all-in-one payments solution our partners require.”

The alignment of Worldnet’s omnichannel gateway capabilities and ISVPay’s payment platform delivers an ISV centric payment platform and delivers an end-to-end solution for ISVs, their merchants, and customers.

About Worldnet Payments

Worldnet Payments develops frictionless payments solutions for independent software vendors. The company’s omnichannel platform is used to deliver expert solutions in industries such as unattended retail, transportation, and services. Worldnet’s flexible approach enables businesses to deliver a customized payment experience to their customers, including tailored workflows, branding and centralized reporting and analytics. The highly scalable cloud platform provides an advanced range of EMV-enabled products and services across channels including eCommerce, Mobile, PoS and iPoS.

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About ISVPay

ISVPay is a technology platform that was built specifically for ISVs. The company offers an API forward, best-in-class, ISV enablement platform delivering innovative and full-service electronic payment platform. Enabling ISVs to deliver a customized onboarding, deployment, processing, and support to their customers and consumers.

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